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9mm outlaw steel load recipes


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Need you guys advice.....
Was thinking of starting with a 100gr  bullet and working that up before a 115gr and so on. Snappier but faster on target, yada, yada... But, if anyone here has any advice for me please bring it on as I can cut down costs and time.

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I shoot our local Thursday Night Steel match with this load.

It’s like cheating.

Experimented with every quick burn powder and this combo was the only truly point of aim point of impact accurate one.

Tricked out G3 G34 with Agency Arms stock length barrel. Recoil spring weight. Is noted.

95gr Montana Gold JHP


3.6 grs 1083 FPS 17.1 SD / 49 ES (11lb Wolff)*

3.8 grs 1117 FPS 12.7 SD / 48 ES (12 lb Wolff)

Went with 3.6. It’s was reliable. Soft. And accurate.

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