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  1. I don’t really appeal to anyone’s authority El. And, ya ranger rick not hard to track.... you nailed it- no logic.
  2. I recall that too. It doesn’t make sense that the brand maker can but the competitor can not. If glock did the work to my gen 3 to upgrade it to a gen 5, under current logic, it would fly....... yes?
  3. Can you guys settle a conversation I was having with a respected MD........... Glock gen 5- lighter slide, mos contributes perhaps, flared magwell. Production legal. Gen 3- heavier slide, no flare.... Production legal. I mod my gen 3 with flaring and some internal slide lightening to gen 5 weight. Production legal.....? If not then why? Glock can mod it but I can’t? Attempt to dispel the logic.
  4. Incur any hiccups along the way? What were the most difficult parts?
  5. Ya... its painfully odd. I may start from scratch and ladder/step it.
  6. Had to readjust my loads to make 125k.... Wow was way low. Got over 5.0gr of N320 just to make minor on the 150gr JHP...... Holy!
  7. Great info guys. Wondered about longer OAL's. Pros? Cons? Doesn't seem to matter?
  8. Why doesmnt anyone do a longer OAL??
  9. Going the chronology tomorrow ands need some loads for 147gr minor with N320 for my 2011. Should I maximize the OAL to maybe? Thoughts?
  10. Y'all.... New .355 KKM bull barrel installed. Is there a break in to do? Can I jump right in to .356? Just checking as I have been known to miss some things sometimes. Thanks.
  11. Outstanding. Thanks y'all.
  12. I settled on 155gr JHP at 1.190 with 4.3gr of N320. 6" group at 25. 4.5 did the same as well. Needs an 11lb spring for sure.
  13. Y'all, I have no idea what the whole bushing thing is about other than it 'uniforms neck tension for consistentcy?' What I mean is, can someone please explain it to me. Like I was a child as I want to m maximize my 308 and 223 on my 1050. What do I need, why do I need, how can use it,.... Many thanks!
  14. I have a bunch of 62gr Hornady FMJ and loaded them up for hoser stages. With 8208 21.3, D60 magazine length, seems to do my 16" JP well. 20.3 seemed to have a flyer each group. 22.3 was noticeably hotter but made a perfect stoplight at .412. But, I am wondering about 40gr with 8208 for a hoser load..... start at 19gr I guess? Thoughts?
  15. Y'all...... I have been given some Nosler 135gr and 150gr JHP and figured why not make some fun loads... the 135 for sure. Treat it like my 9mm recipe? (147gr 3gr n320)? Thoughts?
  16. Howdy y'all- I have a 18" 308 and I am stocked up: Varget, 175 TMK's, Lapua brass, Fed primers. Want to tune the load to the gun so what's the 'magic method' or progression y'all think is good? Also... Do you guys hand load for 223? Whats the powder funnel to use like on a 1050? I am stocked up on 8208, 77gr TMKs, Lapua, fed, yada, yada...... Thanks in advance and I will share my results as both guns a re decked out JPs. Campbell
  17. If there's no info links do you guys have opinions? Better results from 356-7 or 355?
  18. Hey y'all, Running molys at 147gr in a Glock 34 with a KKM barrel. I could swear the larger 356-7 are more accurate. Seems this way in my G35 with 200's at major. Anyone have a link or info on this worn out debate? Thanks!
  19. I ran coated 220s for a spell and liked them a lot but.... but, they got squibalicious is pursuit to softer recoil. Had a recoil floor to overcome then there was a accuracy issue too, 200s now as 180s make me cry.
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