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Mark 7 shell plate issues

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I have a Revolution that has shell plate issues. On almost every complete shell rotation. The shell plate will not advance. The tool head goes  down again and adds another powder drop to an already filled case. Yep, powder all over the place. I have had the shell plate out twice and can't seem to see any issues with the plate. I noticed the rotation pawl is spring loaded and seems to be fine. It looks like it retracts far enough to grab the index hole in the shell plate to turn the shell plate. I have the large nut tight so there is no side to side movement across the plate. Any ideas?



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Dang. They took my answers. I have the Revo with primer collator and had something catch prevent the primers rotation which hung up shellplate.  How tight is shellplate?


got Misty’s contact info? 

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there is obviously something wrong with your index pawl. or perhaps maybe the top limit screw is in too far, stopping the press from going up high enough to activate the index fully. 


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