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Rear Sight with wider rear notch?


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I have come to the determination that I need a wider, and also a little deeper, rear notch on my Pro Customs. The front sight is .110 wide and the rear notch is only .113 wide. I got to shoot a gun with about the same width front but a .130 (he thinks) rear notch width and I was much more accurate at speed. So does anyone know of a place that makes an LPA type rear sight with notch width options? Should I think about filing it myself? I couldn't find just a replacement blade to use as a guinea pig. Maybe take it to a machine shop? 


Atlas has options but their sights are Bomar, not LPA. 

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Just do a bit of file work with several range trips in between until you are satisfied.  Go slow..test...file..test.  Hit the range on a cloudy day and on a bright day.

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