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Taking down the Q5 SF - Sames as the poly one?


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Yes, copy all that Bart!

had the lever out, was ready to take off the slide release levers and noticed another bar in there.  is it spring loaded?  If not, I can get the sear etc out.  Sold my Shadow 2 yesterday so catching back up with Walther items.



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To pull the sear housing all you have to do is remove the rear rollpin and pry the housing gently out of the frame.


Wiggle the trigger and disconnect the trigger-bar spring along the way. You can have the sear housing out of the gun in less than a minute.

The trigger, bar, and the slide release levers can stay in the frame.

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Make sure you polish right here, as highlighted on my instagram page:



Get that smooth. Both the spot in the first photo, and the location on the trigger bar shown in the second one when you swipe right.


Get the striker block plunger and it’s hole smooth.


Smooth the back of the sear hook where it engages the striker, and the lug on the striker which mates to it.


Polish the trigger bar surface that engages the striker block.


That’s all I do anymore.


Disassembly and reassembly of the sear housing/sear/disconnector/etc is such a pain that I used to dab some polishing compound in there and rub them against each other a bunch of times... then clean and oil it.


Now? I just shoot it. The gains to be found from polishing inside the sear housing are minimal to none.

I put the creep-removal setscrew in there, and otherwise leave them 100%  stock and unpolished.

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