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Glock 26 Bug Gun Upgrade Help


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So I’m looking to use a Glock 26 for bug IDPA.  I want to make some upgrades, some useful and some for looks. Below are the upgrades I’m toying with.  I think the first two are safe, not sure about the last two.  Any feedback is much appreciated!


  1. AMERIGLO SPARTAN OPERATOR SIGHTS https://www.glockstore.com/Ameriglo-Spartan-Operator-Sights?quantity=1&color=212&custcol7=209
  2. GEN 5 METALLIC PIN & EXTENDED CONTROL KIT FOR GLOCKS https://www.glockstore.com/Gen-5-Metallic-Pin-Extended-Control-Kit-for-Glocks?color=54
  3. GEN4/GEN5 EXTENDED ALUMINUM MAGAZINE CATCH https://www.glockstore.com/Gen-4-Extended-Aluminum-Mag-Release-Gen4
  4. 26/27/33/39 grip extension http://www.pearcegrip.com/Products/GLOCK/PG-26


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Yes, that's why the cited sections refer to 8.2.2


So you read the rules, and you are asking if the readership of this forum "think"your proposed modifications would be "safe" - meaning, I assume if they would safely meet the rules.


If anyone responds to your request for feedback. you are quite likely going to get numerous interpretations of how they personally view your additions/modifications as compared to the rules.  They might even wonder why you cannot reach this determination by reading the rules.  After all, that's how they would reach the same determination.  


Go to your local IDPA club where you plan to shoot.  I predict you are planning on entering a Tier 1 match.  Chances are extremely high that they will let you shoot your G26 in BUG division, even if it is NOT in compliance with the rules.  And I am pretty confident they will point out anything about your pistol that does NOT meet the rules.


Not certain what else I can do to help you.  Put a little effort in at your local club.

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