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Sticky primer slide

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I've noticed that if I tighten the 2 allen screws too tight that the primer slide starts sticking and I have to nudge it with my finger to get it to move forward. Loosening the 2  screws underneath it remedies the problem but then the  primer slide eventually starts to wobble.


Has anyone tried using Locktite (removable, of course) to keep the screws from getting too loose?

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What is happening to you has been an issue for everyone with the primer slide screws. If you tighten too much, you squeeze the metal walls and that is what is binding the slide. You may have to remove the primer system and look inside the the two walls where the slide works. You may need to gently file the side of the walls to take out the bumps. Then when you reassemble just tighten the two screws enough (snug) to hold the primer tube assembly in place. This should be just tight enough to prevent the screws from backing off. I would not recommend any version of Locktite. Hope this helps.

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In addition to the thoughts from 191138sc, Dillon recommends thoroughly cleaning the primer track, primer slide surfaces, and inside of the primer assembly body with alcohol. In many cases, there is buildup of oil, powder/primer residue, etc., on these surfaces,  which creates interference with smooth motion of the primer slide.


Some individuals use Teflon spray or graphite spray on the surface of the primer track to lessen frictional forces. Hope this is helpful.

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I recently had to file the inside of the primer tube stand on my 550. I bought it used and the previous owner had over tightened the screws such that the soft aluminum bulged slightly into the channel of the primer slide.


The black teflon coated track that the slide runs on was also slightly bent which held up the slide on its path forward. Flattening the track got everything working smoothly again.


If it's still a struggle you might have a weak return spring.

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