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  1. @ YeahGo Enjoyed reading your interesting/informative post about your use of diamond paste. I would think that it took considerable courage (perhaps frustration was also a factor) to do this. Brief questions about the process/results, if I may: 1) How much of the diamond paste did you apply (and reapply) to the rails, chamber, and other components? Was it just a very light coat? 2) When you finished the process, was there any noticeable difference in the side-to-frame fit? If so, how much? 3) Did you have to completely disassemble (detail strip) the pistol in order to apply the diamond paste to the hammer, trigger, etc.? Thank you.
  2. Wow! You found the video I needed. It is great to be able to visualize the correct process. When I tried installing the spring as the final step, I was attempting to install the spring-with-hook as the final step, rather than the "dogleg." Live and learn... Thanks so much for your help. We have the nicest persons on this Forum. We are indeed fortunate!
  3. Thanks for your reply. One guy at our range has tried the same thing, and he described the process as follows: "It's kinda like trying to put 5 pounds of sugar in a 2 pound sack!" (Better to laugh than cry...that's for sure.)
  4. My experience mirrors the statement captioned above. Despite multiple attempts, I have been unsuccessful in getting the trigger stud to mate with the trigger bar. (I have installed several other p320 triggers without difficulty.) Customer service at GG indicated their awareness of this problem and offered to exchange my trigger and trigger bar for new ones. Unfortunately the issue remains unresolved. If anyone has found a successful solution to this installation, please be kind enough to share it. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your input. Just to be clear, I am more than well aware of the wealth of information on this forum; I've been reading it (multiple times a day) for more years than I care to count. All best wishes.
  6. In the Feb 2013 issue of Handloader Magazine (issue #282, as best I recall) Brian Pearce published an article entitled "Pearce Loads the 9mm Luger." I am unable to find the link to this article despite a lengthy Internet search. Please post the link if you have it in your files. Thanks for your help.
  7. This link will get you to the Instructions Menu on the Dawson Precision website. https://dawsonprecision.com/instructions-for-dp-parts/
  8. Check your crimp die...it may need to be adjusted. Hope this helps.
  9. Please accept my sincere thanks for your helpful replies. I have benefitted from the information and instruction from other members on more occasions than I can count. I'm constantly amazed at the depth of knowledge and experience that is available just for the asking. It's a blessing to have this forum. Stay safe...wash your hands and keep your hands away from your eyes, ears, and mouth. (One might not think that the ear canal can be a portal of entry for a pathogen such as this virus, but it can). All best wishes.
  10. Thank you, sir. Appreciate the straightforward answer. All best wishes.
  11. I am considering converting a Series 80 (1911, .45 ACP) to Series 70 configuration. It is clear that it is necessary to: a) remove the two firing pin block actuating levers from the frame, and b) replace them with an appropriately sized shim. Question: Must I also remove the plunger and spring from the slide, or can I leave them in place? (I have searched multiple internet sources in an effort to resolve this question, but thus far I have been unable to find a definitive answer to this question. Thanks for your input.)
  12. mpssrh

    VP9-B OR?

    In what way is the "B" model different from the HK VP9? Is it only the magazine release (button vs paddle) that is different? Thanks.
  13. In addition to the thoughts from 191138sc, Dillon recommends thoroughly cleaning the primer track, primer slide surfaces, and inside of the primer assembly body with alcohol. In many cases, there is buildup of oil, powder/primer residue, etc., on these surfaces, which creates interference with smooth motion of the primer slide. Some individuals use Teflon spray or graphite spray on the surface of the primer track to lessen frictional forces. Hope this is helpful.
  14. Thank you for reviving this topic from 2015. The prior posts have provided insight into a situation I also have experienced. Despite lengthy and detailed Internet searches, I never uncovered this particular thread (and that probably is a matter of not selecting the right words in initiating the search). There are those who object to reviving old threads, but I have been amazed at how often previous information has proven helpful. Finally, thanks for the interesting (and novel) thought that the polished and shiny magazine case may be a contributing factor in your double-feeds.
  15. I would completely disassemble all 4 dies, inspect them carefully, and clean them thoroughly...then reinstall them to see if that made a difference. Another way to approach the problem would be to substitute a die--one at a time--to see if you can identify the culprit.
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