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Mark 7 Revolution debugged?


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Saw the Revolution machines again at SHOT last week and am starting to get tempted to upgrade from my 1050/Forche.


All mechanical and software systems go through a debugging phase.  From those that have one, how well debugged are the new machines  now coming off the line? Seems like the early buyers ended up being beta testers.


Seperately, what does it take for caliber conversion 9mm / 38 supercomp?





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I am a first gen Revolution owner, and yes we ended up being beta testers for sure, that said my machine is running perfectly since I got the upgrades for it last year. I couldn't be happier. A good friend has an Evo Pro and it's running just as well, he upgraded to the digital powder measure too, and loves it. I've got two of the digital powder measures, one for my load and one for the gf's as we use different powders. Definitely worth it. 

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Bought one in July 19... Only issue was a small screw that I overtightened resulting in stripping threads in main press part. Tapped for larger screw (which they sent me). It really is a rockin press.


Liked it so much I bought a second earlier this month (it has a bigger screw already). 

Only issue I have had with the second press is with the Digital PM electrical control box was flaky on arrival. I sent it back last week finally (waiting on repair). They were quick to send me return label once I let them know. Currently sharing the old box between two presses.


In my first one, I learned I hated the large case feeder. Too many parts to swap calibers and too many things to adjust. Honestly, I can’t for the life of me figure it out. It now sits on top of my highest shelf in reloading room. Likely never to be used. Once it is setup and if you don’t plan to swap calibers with the feeder, it will crank for days without issue. I bought the presses to swap between a bunch of calibers.


I have run 308, 30-06 (can’t size but can seat and load), 45 colt, 44 magnum, 357 so far. I have caliber conversions for 223, 9mm, 458 socom so far. I plan to pick up 7.62 mosin. I should be able to use the 9mm Luger conversion for Makarov. I should be able to run 8mm Mauser on 308 plate with modified feeder. I just sent them some 44-40 brass to get a conversion made. Lastly, they are working on a 45-70 conversion.


They are good folks and willing to custom make conversions (unlike Dillon who will tell you to go blow). 


If planning to run a lot of calibers, you can negotiate to remove some items from the press to make it cheaper. For example, I didn’t want any case feeder or bullet feeder on my second press (I use a Dillon case feeder which works fine for my needs). That huge case feeder is a pricy item. I am not in love with the Digital PM so if being cheap, you could always just use a Hornady measure (maybe not running at highest RPM). 


As for sensors, they are all great but adds a lot of $$$. Bought most of mine with coupons on Opticsplanet. 


The primer collator is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Biggest sell point for me. No more tubes. Dump in 3-400 primers at a time. 


Support overall has been great.


Let me know if you have any questions. 



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8 hours ago, slavex said:

I love my 14 inch case feeder, but I don't change calibres so take that as you will. What screw did you have to retap?  I also love my digital powder measure, I put it right up there with the Revo's primer collator as far as being awesome. 

had to retap the screw that retains the case retaining spring (long Hornady like long spring that goes around shellplate). It screws into the base of unit so replacing that part would require major work. 

while I like the Digital PM, after the control box fail, I am of the opinion that a powder check is absolutely required when using it (compared to mechanical). My failure was catastrophic IMO. It would work for 3-5 rounds (giving me confidence it was all good), then woulD just stop working. I would power down and up and it would do same. 

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yeah the new machines have bigger screws where the spring retaining tabs are, I might update my old top plate to that one day. I had to put a helicoil in the casefeeder body, the screw that holds the drop tube receiver in place on top of the body was cross threaded or something. I drilled it out, installed helicoil and now it is perfect. 

My first Digital PM was a bit wonky too, beyond the bad accuracy it had, it also stopped throwing powder randomly. So when I sent everything back in for the upgrades I got a new one, and man, I love it. I then bought a second measure (but not a second power box) for the gf's powder. Next up one of the other guys I load for is going to get one, and I"m either going to fit milspec ends on them and the power box, or I'll build a switch box so all 3 can be connected at once, but only one will be powered up. Molex connectors aren't really designed for constant removal and install. 

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