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Watch your RDS cover!


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Started shooting PCC again, 3rd match with my MPX in 6 mths.  This range allows us to bag/unbag at the side berm.  I normally take the covers off the Holosun 510C and Vortex Venom (hard rubber cover) and throw them into the bag, same side as the MPX.  I was rocking and rolling with the MPX and set to place 1st or 2nd in PCC, until the last stage.  Unloaded table start, mags on belt, hands on dots on wall.  Beep, grabbed MPX, went to slap mag in, wouldnt go in!!!  WTF??  Tried a couple of times, no go, my first thought was, "I know I removed the chamber flag?!?!?", as I always insert it down the magwell and not the chamber.  Looked in the magwell, and there is the Vortex rubber cover!!!!  Frick!  Pulled it out, and proceed to totally toast the stage.   Completely ruined me.  Finished 3rd in PCC.  Apparently when I put the MPX back in the bag, the magwell sat on the rubber cover.  -_- 


Lessons learned:

- Keep the covers off, in a separate bag, and in the side pouch with the mags.

- Get stronger mentally, dont let something stupid like this change my stage plan (easier said than done). 


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I did something along that line in CO. Was a rainy day so I kept the cover on my DPP until make ready and sight picture etc. I had an unloaded table start so just put the gun on the table, mag along side and got ready for the beep. Off it goes, slam the mag into the gun, bring it up on target and nothing to see since the cover was still on the DPP. Rip it off, regain dot and on with the show but I probably lost 3 seconds or more with that little brain fart. Lesson learned, sight picture with the dot all the time, cover in a safe place in my pocket and make sure “everything” is ready before I begin - including prep on an unloaded stage. 

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