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  1. I have a nock off go pro so it’s not an actual go pro. Can you still use the go pro software for video editing? Thank you
  2. I would be conserned with shooting major loads in that gun. But that’s just my concern. It’s a shorter barrel and on a polymer frame. Most people repling to the autocomp loads are most likely shooting them out of a 2011 platform with a 5” or 5.4” barrel. This gives you a .5”-1” longer barrel for increased velocity on a much heavier and tighter fit gun. The reason son autocomp is used in 9major loads is it’s one of only a few powders that can fit in the case and push the projective the velocity while giving the comp gas to function. Of if you are using autocomp, I would try 5.4 or 5.6, just enough to get some gas to the comp and cycle the gun. That’s just my two cents. Hope it helps
  3. IDPA is definitely geared more towards defensive shooting over uspsa. I mean, you need a cover over your gun, you get penilized if you drop anmag with rounds in it and you must shoot with your body behind cover. Im not an IDPA shooter but isn’t there a BUG (back up gun) division where your barrel must be 4” or less?
  4. Custom is the way to go. Call and talk to the different builders mentioned and get a feel for who you would like to work with. Find someone your comfortable and trust and get one in the works. Good luck on your build
  5. There’s your answer, they are roll sized. Brings the brass back to factory spec. I was around 10-15% not case gauging before roll sizing. Now 1% or less. but only about 1% wouldn’t fit into 2011 barrel
  6. The pro is taller and holds more rounds on it. The little one works just fine. Some people put a 99 cent spring on it to make sure it retracts. I personally haven’t had that issue but will do so if I run into it.
  7. I have the u die on all my caliber conversions. Remove the lee lock nut with the rubber o ring and replace it with the gold Dillon ones. Works out just fine and holds tight
  8. Wouldn’t you want to roll size then resize? If there’s a buldge in the case, casepro eliminates it for you. Sizing die might not take it out completely and just push it towards the bottom. i still like the u due personally on 9 major to prevent push back....but maybe it’s overkill
  9. Haha isn’t that the truth. You can walk a stage 10 times and then instantly forget what your game plan was.
  10. That makes sense. At least the thumb rests are not terribly exspensive so it won’t be too bad for you. Everyone different and prefer different things so make it your gun and rock it
  11. I tried the slide stop one and it wasn’t for me. My frame was already tapped so I had the ability to choose between a few. Do you have a Honcho?
  12. Could you post a pic or pm with what you did? Thank you. I was looking into doing infared on the discharge chute so it would count completed rounds only
  13. Exactly. If there’s a bundle, we will say a block buldge, even the lee die don’t get rid of it fully. It will push it towards the bottom. To fully eliminate, you would need to roll size.
  14. Exactly. I’m right handed and left eye dominant. Modified isocoles and just turn my head to the right so I can keep both eyes open. I tried the tape or smudging of the left lens but my brain couldn’t figure it out. I just have to close my left eye on a rifle and shotgun.
  15. We have done that before at practice. Put a little piece of tap over the glass or don’t turn the dot on. You can actually hit the targets at a reasonable distance just off muscle memory alone
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