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40sw 200gr loads for glock 35


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Hey guys, I have searched on here and I can’t find a lot of load data for 200gr loads for short oal (my glock 35) I know there is some load data published, but I just got some 200gr sample packs in to try, and I would like a good average starting place. I have titegroup, n320, and sport pistol on hand.   


Can you guys give me some loads with these powders that will make major pf? I know about bullet set back and kabooms, that’s why I am asking all the people that do this a lot. 

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6 hours ago, Novagunner said:

4.0-4.2gr of N320 over a 200gr coated @1.130-1.135 should put you pretty close. Start a bit low and work the load up but it should give you a good ballpark.  

 Thanks  Novashooter!  Do you have any load data for titegroup? 

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