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  1. 4.0 g Sport Pistol, 200 gr Bayou coated, 1.180 OAL.
  2. Nitro Fin 2.0 on my DVC 40. It was fit and not a drop in part. Works very well.
  3. 4.0 of Sport Pistol with a 200 gr Bayou was getting me 166 PF. Bumped up to 4.1 gr. It was a cold day (50 F) and will try the 4.1 in warmer weather.
  4. I have had good success with the Colt Competition 9mm and Tripp 10 magazines. Coated bullets not so much but FMJ runs all day after the springs get set up.
  5. Palmetto State had them yesterday $204 ish My bad PSA is Palmetto.
  6. I shot TG for a 1 year + with a Bayou coated 200 bullet. 3.8 gr got me where I needed to be out of an STI DVC 5". 1.180 OAL, 171-172 PF
  7. Bayou 200 has been consistent and accurate.
  8. I've practiced with it quite a bit and shot one match, love it. It will not fall out with the lock off. It feels very secure. Now, that being said, you are standing still waiting for the "beep". If I was at a sitting start, I have the finger lock down and hit it on the way up with draw stroke.
  9. I just picked one up since I grabbed the Nitro Fin 2 and kydex is not an option anymore. Well constructed and rigid. Easy to adjust. I had to spray a bit of silicone in the channel as the locking mechanism was a bit tight. Now she moves freely. This is my first race holster and practice will be needed. I have a holster being made by Red Hill Tac but that will be a month. So ill at least have both types.
  10. Wilson's, Tripp and the Dawsons are all very reliable for 10 round 9mm mags. I have one MecGar for barney load.
  11. Grab a 5" 9mm M&P Pro v.1 and then look for just the upper for the 40. Same lower, two slides. Production and Limited.
  12. I agree. I have a second lower with the Flatty and prefer the curved. Smaller hands as well don't help as the flat trigger seems to be a longer reach.
  13. Ran factory 40 ammo in a DVC and never had an issue before reloading and loading long now.
  14. Slide forward on mag insert is a welcomed "feature" if you are shooting competition. Mine has done this day one and I love it on a slide lock reload. M&P 9 and 40 Pro 5".
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