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  1. Wilson's, Tripp and the Dawsons are all very reliable for 10 round 9mm mags. I have one MecGar for barney load.
  2. Grab a 5" 9mm M&P Pro v.1 and then look for just the upper for the 40. Same lower, two slides. Production and Limited.
  3. I agree. I have a second lower with the Flatty and prefer the curved. Smaller hands as well don't help as the flat trigger seems to be a longer reach.
  4. Ran factory 40 ammo in a DVC and never had an issue before reloading and loading long now.
  5. Slide forward on mag insert is a welcomed "feature" if you are shooting competition. Mine has done this day one and I love it on a slide lock reload. M&P 9 and 40 Pro 5".
  6. Working on a load with Sport Pistol and 200 Gr Bayous OAL 1.12-1.13 for my backup M&P 40 5". I'm starting at 3.6 g of Sport Pistol recommended by Bayou rep. Should get me over 170 PF. More to come hopefully soon.
  7. Gunsmith fit Apex if you can find one. Not familiar with the semi-drop in.
  8. 200 Bayou, 4.1 Grains Sport Pistol, Fed Small Pistol Primer, 1.180 OAL STI DVC - 172 PF
  9. This is exactly how my gunsmith fit barrel was set up. (2016 ish 5" 9mm Apex Gunsmith fit barrel) It's tight and needs a bit of a push on the rear of the slide to get into battery. She shoots clover leaves if I do my part.
  10. Curious as to what the OAL is of the Syntech
  11. Ive used quite a bit of Precision Delta 180s long. Great shooting round. Also, check out Black Dot Ammo. Reg and Long are very nice and priced great. I used all these before reloading.
  12. Also Bayou 200 with Winchester 231, 3.9 or 4.0 g gets me 171 PF.
  13. I run Bayou 200 with TG at 3.8 gr. 171/172 PF 1.180 OAL. Recently switched to Sport Pistol for the same Bayou 200's and its perfect at 4.0/4.1 gr. 171 PF STI DVC Lim 2015 version not the island.
  14. I was in the same boat and ordered a lot of ammo from these companies. All great options. Finally decided to reload and haven't looked back. Oak Island https://oakislandammunition.com/ Black Dot https://blackdotammunition-com.3dcartstores.com/ Precision Delta https://www.precisiondelta.com/
  15. I have 6 gen 2 STI mags. Not one issue with gramms follower and springs and either Dawson base pads or TTI. 2 years.
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