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2011 STI Mags - Complete vs Kit


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Hi Folks! Have been reading the different threads on the different 2011 mags, but had a question on whether folks buy completed mags or kits? (If there is an existing thread, please let me know!) I'm getting into the 2011 platform, and looking into mags. I have ordered a MBX mag to try out in addition to a standard STI mag, but for trying upgraded STI body mags, I've read various things on whats best for the internals, so my question is is it better to buy kits or complete mags?


Taran Tactical sells complete STI Mags for $120, but do they do any tuning or just swap in TTI follower, spring, and base pad with STI body?


Ben Stoeger's shop sells kits with optional TTI or Grams internals with TTI base pads for $110, and I understand I will potentially need to tune them ( for a savings of $10/mag over TTI and having watched the Atlas videos on tuning)


Orrr is it better to look at Atlas ($130+) or Brazos ($150/mag) for their tuned mags and call it a day and put down the hammer?


Thanks all for your responses in advance!

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I have standard sti mags and replaced the base plates/followers/springs myself. They have all worked 100% with parts from STI, Dawson, and Taran. I’m currently using sti tubes ($60 on Dawson for either a tube or complete magazine), TTI bade plate, and various springs and followers. So I have about $100 per magazine. So the $110 for a Taran magazine seems like a good price to me. 

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1 hour ago, tiro6 said:

awesome to hear, thanks @PharmDShooter - is there any advantage to buying just the tube vs a complete mag if they are the same price (actually think the complete mag is $10 cheaper than the tube on Dawson)

The last ones I bought I ended up buying the complete mag because they were the same price. You have a mag that you can use until your other pieces come in. Or just leave it that way if you want. 

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23 minutes ago, tiro6 said:

Gotcha, thanks @PharmDShooter!


@Furrly apologies for a noob question, but is the gram springs/followers in MBX mags the same as STI body mags or is it proprietary? 

you can use those spring and followers on any mags, i run them on Svi, Sti Gen 2, and MBX mags 

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