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  1. another vote for dan wesson but would also look at the ed brown zev collaboration 9mm as well if budget isn’t a concern
  2. I try to go to the range every Fri during lunch, but usually comes out to every other Fri. If I skip the live fire, I'll atleast dry fire that week. While I love shooting with my friends, I find I train a lot better either by myself or with one other guy who has same training mindset
  3. Not much I can add outside what has already been stated, but love my loaded. Just replaced the grips with VZ for more stickiness and it runs like a champ.
  4. tiro6

    43x holster

    Really like the concealment express holster that I have for my 43 - tried the soft loop they have which was nice, but found I prefer the single hook/claw as I found it sits deeper in the waistband
  5. Agree with the poll - would go with a 34 as I like the slightly longer sight radius and feel it returns back to zero much better (IMO) compared to the 17. Granted, I am not a fan of the 17 at all - I much prefer the 19 as it fits my hand better. I am also a huge fan of the Apex trigger, and a little polishing on the slide rails makes whatever Glock you choose to be that much slicker. Also, not sure if it holds true with the newer gen models (i prefer the gen 3s), but you might also want to look at using a .40 cal extractor to really spit out brass
  6. Have lots of interest in this thread as I'm considering ordering a Hyperion as well, but wanted to know if anyone has had their hands on the Hyperion L from Atlas' Facebook page which seems like a cross between the Hyperion and Nemesis (https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=459258994816093) and see how it stacks compared to the regular Hyperion?
  7. ah - appreciate the clarification!
  8. Interesting note to start in Limited - hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the suggestion! @MemphisMechanic - for the DAA Racer pouches, are you referring to the plastic or aluminum ones? The plastic ones are only $7 more than the Ghost, so not a huge extra cost compared to the aluminum or is the aluminum just that much better? Thanks!
  9. Using Glock 19 to start in Production (have been shooting flat range/steel challenges currently), but planning on switching over to 2011 and Limited once I get better with the platform. Was thinking about sticking with Kydex as well, since it's what I'm most used to, but appreciate the input!
  10. Looking for a little help with choosing a starter kit for trying out USPSA. Currently shooting with Raven Concealment kydex holster and mag pouches on a 5.11 duty belt, but want to get something a little slicker. I've read in other forums where they recommend just buying a complete set like https://benstoegerproshop.com/bsps-boss-doh-holster-5-x-ghost-magazine-pouches-double-alpha-academy-daa-belt-deal/, which comes with BOSS holster, DAA belt, and Ghost pouches and don't worry about anything for now. But I've also read on other threads in the BE forum where members rec
  11. Gotcha, thanks @PharmDShooter! @Furrly apologies for a noob question, but is the gram springs/followers in MBX mags the same as STI body mags or is it proprietary?
  12. awesome to hear, thanks @PharmDShooter - is there any advantage to buying just the tube vs a complete mag if they are the same price (actually think the complete mag is $10 cheaper than the tube on Dawson)
  13. Hi Folks! Have been reading the different threads on the different 2011 mags, but had a question on whether folks buy completed mags or kits? (If there is an existing thread, please let me know!) I'm getting into the 2011 platform, and looking into mags. I have ordered a MBX mag to try out in addition to a standard STI mag, but for trying upgraded STI body mags, I've read various things on whats best for the internals, so my question is is it better to buy kits or complete mags? Taran Tactical sells complete STI Mags for $120, but do they do any tuning or just swap in TTI follower,
  14. Thanks so much GregJ! Any keywords or places to look in particular on FaceBook and Practiscore? Also, is there one particular match you would recommend me to start with first? Will definitely utilize the resources you posted! Really appreciate it! Hope to see you at a match soon as well!
  15. Hi Folks! Wanted to say hello from northern Va! Looking to start up USPSA but feel like I have much to learn before starting! Have only done a few steel/flat range challenges at Silver Eagle Group range, but looking to expand my horizons, so if you know of any other shoots a newbie like me should do, would love to hear them! Thanks in advance!
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