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9mm Major - Tanfo Gold Custom Eric - rounds nose diving


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Having an issue with my Tanfo GCE. Getting rounds that will nose dive into the feed ramp and not get pushed up into the chamber (essentially a form of FTF).  This happens mostly with JHP projectiles (Zero and Hdy) and much less so with any kind of RN.

Gun currently has a 9# spring. Most common load is 125 Zero JHP with 7.1/7.2gr WAC oal of 1.150. Have tried slightly shorter oal at 1/145 a well.


What to do:


1) load even shorter - 1.13-1.135? Can't really go any longer than 1.15 ish as they just get stuck in the chamber

2) heavier spring?  I have a 10# spring, wondering if this would allow it to push the round up and in?

3) Use RN and skip the JHP? With 124 coated RN it seems to run quite well, but all the cool kids are running the Zero 125gr JHPs?? ;)







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When I had my Tanfo, I could never get the HP from PD to load correctly.  I went to RN 124s and the gun fed great except from a 170mm mag.  I tried lengths from 1.130"-1.160" and never had any luck.  Even lightly reamed the chamber but no effect.

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I've had the best luck with round nose bullets in my wife's Gold Team. Also I think we are up to a 12lb spring in it with lighter springs the dot would return high. I tried a 9 lb spring in a different build (small frame 9mm) and it would sometimes not have enough oomph to shove rounds up the feed ramp. So far my experience is with tanfo you cant just use the same spring rates as the 2011s use.

We are running a custom comp with no popple holes and a stroked slide so springing for you may be different but dont be afraid to try heavier springs.

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