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2019 Central States Regional Championship

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Registration is now live for the 2019 Central States Regional Championship.  We will be running at least 8 stages plus chrono, and I like steel so expect to see lots of it.  There will be at least one static steel field course, some plus time falling steel, an x ring bonus stage, some Steel Challenge style action, and plenty of technical/tight shots at high speed. 


To register, please see the link below:



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4 hours ago, revoman said:

Right now Mike Homm and I have it on our list but haven’t signed up yet. 

Sign up early and often!  All match directors would likely agree.  We have started getting some nice items for the prize table from our sponsors, and we are paying out cash to division and special recognition category winners.  Come on out and have some fun.

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I just spoke with our USPSA match director and he confirmed the one by the range is good, they used it as the match hotel for prior Sectional matches.  It is reasonably priced, only a 15 minute drive to the range, and is also conveniently located a short drive to three large cities.  Should be an excellent choice:


American Heritage Inn, 1681 E Grand River Ave, Portland, MI 48875

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