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Running 10mm mags in Stock 2/Stock 3 .40cal?


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Am I correct in reading that the .40cal Stock 2 or Stock 3 will accept 10mm mags? Thus allowing you to run longer OAL's in your ammo?


I am going to pick one up to use as both a limited backup gun, as well as a production gun, but would prefer to leave my current OAL as is on the press. If something happens to my limited gun, I need my backup to be able to run the same long OAL ammo that I'll have on hand at the match.


If running 10mm mags in the .40 Stock 2 or Stock 3 will solve this issue for me, it will be a huge convenience to say the least.

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Thanks for all the responses. I don't run excessively long ammo for limited (about 1.180") so hopefully I don't need to do any barrel reaming. From what I've read people have been able to chamber ammo of that length no problem. I'd rather shorten my ammo a few thousandths than ream the barrel anyhow

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