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Shipping Hi-Cap mag's to NY

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That depends on how much risk you want to assume and the state you are sending them too.


MA - for example.


If the standard cap (Hi Cap) mag predates 1994, then no problem as long as the recipient has the appropriate valid LTC.


If they are not "preban", then as long as the person is a LEO, then that's fine too.


You can send either to an FFL here.



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First, remember that NY and NYC are two totally different worlds.  I will only reference NY.


FFLs in NY are allowed to receive hi caps.  You can ship hi caps to NY but unless you can prove you are legally allowed to have them, ie. active leo or military, you wont be able to get them.  Otherwise, thanks to the SAFE ACT, civilians can's have any hi caps, preban or not.

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When I bought my first TruBor, a decade ago, I ordered four mags - but I requested

the gun be shipped to my FFL in New York State, and the mags be sent to an

address in Connecticut.


They shipped the entire order to my FFL, who said he couldn't keep them, and

insisted on shipping the mags to my address in CT.


And, that was a decade ago, prior to the latest law changes that are now

even more stringent.


I may be wrong, but I'd guess there is no way for anyone in NY 

would be allowed to receive them.


None of my business, but why would you want to ship hi-cap mags

to a state that doesn't allow them ?

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