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Removing a CK Arms rear sight from a 2011.


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Greetings all!

I am sending my 2011 off for nitride treatment, and I need to remove the front and rear sight.  I am having trouble finding any kind of definitive answer about removing the rear sight.


Is it a simple directional tapered dovetail?  Or do I need to knock out the hinge pin and remove a set screw.  The hinge pin is quite small and appears to be staked in.  I want to be certain before I proceed.



Thank you.

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If possible, get a punch with a delrin insert to prevent marring the sight.  Brass or aluminum will also work, but might make a mark.  Remove the adjustment screw in the center of the sight and spring under the leaf, then drift the sight out.  It's a straight cut, so shouldn't matter which direction you go.  The front should just drift out unless it was installed with loctite, in which case you'll probably have to heat it a bit to soften that up before you drift it out.  On the front, you want to put the punch on the dovetail portion, not the blade.  If you wack the blade, you'll probably bend it.  And even a tiny bit will be noticeable. 

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