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P07 milled with rear sight in front of optic?


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Came across an unusual one for sale. CZP07 milled for a BFF with  threaded barreland supressor sights but the rear sight in front of the optic. Cerakoted too. Looked really impractical with the rear sight up there at the near-midpoint if the slide. Why was anyone doing this?  Sfter thought after the milling eliminated the sight?

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Works fine.  Primary Machine does it that way and either (both??) CZ Custom or Cajun Gun Works was doing it that way.


I thought it looked funny, since I'd only seen Glocks up to that point and they had the rear sight behind the RMR.


I had two of my CZ's done by Primary Machine (slide milled for RMR and rear sight, front and rear sights installed and slide cerakoted) and they work great.  No problem seeing the rear sight/front sight.  Hey, it's the RMR that partially blocks your view of the sights/sight alignment/target.  Whether the rear sight is in front of the RMR or behind the RMR the RMR "covers" the same amount of it.  The important part is the top where you see the front sight and align them to shoot.




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