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MSP Black Belt Patch Standards - Scott Jedlinski


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I've been getting a lot from Scott Jedlinski's training tips. He's got some ambitious black belt standards (below), and I think these will be helpful for those of us who wish to go faster and more accurately. All times are from concealment.


  1. 3&2 Drill. 3 yards. 3 shots to the COM Alpha then transition to 2 rounds on a 3x5 card in the head box. Par is 2.0 seconds.
  2. 1 Shot Drill @ 7 yards. 1 shot to COM Alpha. Par is 1.0 second.
  3. Bill Drill. 7 yards. 6 shots to COM Alpha. Par is 2.0 seconds.
  4. 1 Shot Drill @ 25 yards. 1 shot to COM Alpha. Par is 1.5 seconds. 


The full standards (with lower belts) are here. In general, I've found many of his videos to be helpful (especially on the topics of AIWB and red dots).




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