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Three of a kind


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I've been playing with the triggers on my Ruger 22s and finally got them close enough to each other.  Both the Mark III and the Mark IV (Stock) had excellent triggers by installing the Volquartsen Accurizing Kits.  Each ended up around 1.5 pounds with no take-up or overtravel.  My Mark IV (Mamba) with the 22/45 Lite frame and the Volquartsen LLV 6 had a nice trigger at 2.5 pounds but I could really tell the difference when shooting it.  


My original Accurizing Kit did not come with the disconnector or the sear spring.  I received the disconnector earlier but called VQ last week and explained I didn't get the spring.  It's been over a year since I purchased the kit but they  still sent me the new spring at no charge.  Great people to do business with.  This gun now boasts a 1 .7 pound trigger. (Sweet).  The internals are now done.


I still have a C-More that I may mount on the LLV.  Only thing I don't like about it is that I need to replace the battery every month.  I shoot that gun a lot, at least twice a week for about 500 rounds each trip so I can understand the batteries getting low.  I replace it before each match.  The Vortex battery seems to last forever, same as the Bushnell but I have a C-More on the Mark III now and have the same battery life.

Trigger pulls Mark guns.jpg

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I started out with he Mark III Hunter and had the opportunity to buy the Tactical Solution barrel real cheap from out local store.  The Hunter was a little heavy for me and  the TC barrel left me with a good gun for Steel Challenge matches.


When  the Mark IV came out I just wanted one.  I liked the idea of the one button take=down.  After having it for a while there was a sale at Brownells for the LLV 6 upper and I wanted to try one.  I don't have any of my guns that are just stock.  I like to tinker.  I added the VQ Accurizing kit, same as I did with the Mark III.  That left me with an extra upper for the Lite.  Since it was just sitting in the safe I found a new lower for it and decided it was better to have another gun than just the top end sitting in the safe.


All three shoot great.  The Mark III has better groups, the LLV I've been shooting SCSA with for the past year.  The new Lite is going to be my backup gun.  

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