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You are mistaken. 

Friday, February 15th at 9PM Eastern time is when the Pro Match application will be available - link: https://practiscore.com/pro-match-2019-rockcastle-3gun-proam/register

Completing the Amateur application is a two step process:

1. Get a Registration Code on Friday, February 15th at 9PM Eastern time ( http://www.lchico5u.com/ProAmCodes.html), and

2. use link to the application sent in an email message.


Linda Chico

Rockcastle Pro-Am 3 Gun Registration

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I sent in via phone and computer.  The computer link said the website was down.  The phone went through.

I tried to log on a friend but neither would work then.   I think the site crashed right after that initial flood of entries.

So if it was a few seconds later, it got the site down response.


Linda will get it fixed.  She always takes care of it.

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Great match with deceptively difficult but straight forward stages.  Many thanks to the staff, the hard working RO’s and of course the various companies for the prize table donations. 

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This is my 4th trip to the Rock. This match was great good stages can't thank the RM ROs and all the sponcers that donated. And I can't forget Linda Chico who works her butt for this match. Now a couple of gripes. The website could be updated a few days before the match ( currant map is from 2016 ). The map for the range was hand drawn ( poorly) and copied. In my opinion the Nobels need to step up or the match is going to die. There are fewer and fewer venders showing up every year. 

Don't get me wrong I love this match and I will continue to make the trip. The people I've met there are a hoot and I've meet some great people I just wish it was like my first match there. 



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After many years of shooting major 3G matches, I finally decided to RO one. 


I can't believe I haven't done this before, but it was one of the best experiences I've had. 


The match was fun, the people I got to work with were superb, and it's always a great time at the Rock no matter the circumstances. 

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