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  1. Apex FSS Flat trigger on my M&P 1.0 has right at 2lbs pull. Fast and crisp. Awesome setup!
  2. David Seavey: We were under represented in New England. Seems like our matches here have increased, while other locations and major matches have not been as full. In 2012 when I started doing majors, they sold out fast and we only had Pemi(3G light) and VT(3 stages - 3hrs away). 2016 Blue Ridge was not full, but by that time, we had two clubs with several matches a year in NH, plus Augusta ME. Getting folks to work the matches is a major problem. With all of the IDPA and USPSA matches, there aren't enough people who want to do setup and RO duty. The same folks end up working the matches and burning out. I worked several matches per month at two different clubs, for a few years. I burned out and decided to focus on shooting and not working. Going to the major matches opened my eyes to this..... You see the same guys and gals working these matches at Rockcastle, PNTC, York, Woodys in NC and Fort Benning. I can't imagine them not burning out after doing it for so many years. I loved shooting the shotgun, but sucked at loading when I first started this game. I learned load 2 weak hand and improved my performance greatly. I still love the shotgun and 3G!
  3. I have a CMR-206 mounted on top/front of my GMR-15. Perfect location for either thumb to actuate for tight off-hand or strong hand corners. I have used it for first target hits. Mostly steel from start position, shouldering on the way to next array. A couple classifier stages as well.
  4. Same here. The clock hit 9:00 and I submitted form. Instant crash/fail. All subsequent tries were no good. A buddy who lives 30min away got his submitted without any problem.
  5. I run a DP Pro with 3.5MOA dot on my GMR-15. For me it is light and fast. The dot seems to be right for precision and up close speed.
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