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2019 Australian Regional Revolver Championship

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1 hour ago, dirtysanchez said:

Pity.  Might have got more if the IRC wasn't the following weekend........

This is true, unfortunately we set our match date with the original IRC dates in mind, then the IRC dates changed and we can't accommodate another date change.


So many great matches available yet so little time...

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Learn how to churn credit cards applications for the signup bonus miles.  We’ve flown business class from LA to Sydney twice on United and back all on points.  Majority of those points cost me next to nothing.


For instance we are flying to the SAN Francisco Match next month.


100,000 Points and $400 in “fuel surcharges” for 2 Biz class lay flat seats on a 787


I can get 30,000 if I apply for a new free (first year) Aeroplan credit card if I spend $1000 in 90 days.  My wife gets one too.

60,000 right there.  I cancel this card 4-5 months in, wait 6 months from the application date and reapply for 2 cards

Now it’s 120,000 points in 7 months time

add other cards from other banks and get points from hotel branded cards and traveling isn’t so expensive anymore 

And the credit cards offers are far, far more lucrative in the USA. 


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Gwalia, if you need to borrow a gun for this match, send me a PM and I can organise it for you.


Actually if anyone is keen on coming to the match, send me a PM and I can either organise a gun for you to use or provide info on the paperwork required into Australia.

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