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Show me your Browning Auto 5's and any upgrades

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Best part is they don't need a ton of upgrades. I put on an extension, matchsaver, and opened the loading port.  

Bought mine from gunbroker for a decent price. About to post it there too.




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Mine is pretty old (mid 1930's).  It was graded "poor" by the big gun store I bought it from.  Pretty "brown" all over when I bought it.  Some 0000 steel wool and 3n1 oil showed it was still pretty blue with only one spot of pitting (on the receiver, none anywhere else).


The checkering was pretty much worn off the stock/forend so I put a Ramline synthetic set on it.  The I added the extended magazine tube/spring/cap to bring the total to 10 rounds.


It worked when I bought it but I went ahead and completely disassembled it and cleaned out 80 years of old oil/dirt and replaced the springs and a couple of the smaller screws someone had butchered up in the past.  Also put new friction rings on it.


I was going to get the barrel shortened and get rid of the polychoke but the gunsmith told me that would be a mistake.  He said it appeared the polychoke was original since there were no stars on the barrel to denote the barrel choke (I had to look that one up on the internet.)



DSCN0202 (2).jpg

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I have a 1940's era A5 that was given to me by my father in law.


It functions well, but from an appearance perspective it's rough around the edges.  I have a minor overhaul on the list of things to do this winter.  I HOPE to:


- Complete disassemble and clean/polish the action

- Restore wood furniture if possible (or replace if I can find cheap enough).  There are no cracks but the stock and handguard have seen better days.  I'll try stripping and refinishing.

- re-blue the barrel and other metal.  Never tried this before so I'll watch a lot of videos first

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