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Extractor tension


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A friend let me use his Weigand extractor tension gauge. It's made to adjust the extractor on a 1911. Install the gauge between the extractor and breech face and use a pull gauge to pull out the gauge and measure the tension.


I tried this with my Stock ll's and the gauge just slipped in without the extractor touching it. Is this applicable to the external extractor?


The install a case and shake method has worked fine so far. However, this would be a way of actual measurement.






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On 1/14/2019 at 11:41 PM, johnbu said:

I made a tool to measure.  an old case, drilled across the width, insert paper clip. Bend a loop on one side. 


Use trigger pull guage to determine force.


johnbu, question for you, how much force for a normal functioning extractor?

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