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2 hours ago, Matt1 said:

The frame will rust up where you blended the magwell. Some cold blue and oil will keep it under control.

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Good pointer Matt!

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I shot 200 rounds at a practice session today and I am more and more impressed with the gun, not a single hiccup except for the occasional trigger finger freeze from the cold weather. The RTS2 sight with its big window is great, very easy to pick up and track the dot compared to the smaller sight I had on it before.


A friend has picked up 4kg of 3n38 powder for me today so I will start testing out a good load this week. I hope I can get to 165PF without a severely compressed load, I had like 1mm of air under the bullet with SP2 @ 165PF so I think it will be ok even with 3n38.


The big downer right now is that the competition season here is coming to an end, there is an event 500km from here next weekend but I am busy and can´t go. I really would like to shoot a couple of matches with the gun before the winter arrives. :(

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I was at the range testing out a 3n38 load today, a 7.2gr load gave only 155PF so after getting back home I have loaded up a batch with 7.5gr powder to get me slightly over 165PF.


After some work at the range removing walls and charge lines for the winter I let a friend test shoot the gun with a 165PF SP2 load, it had gotten pretty dark so I took the chance to take some pics of the flames to get an idea how the comp works. Seems to me that it works pretty ok, not much flame coming out the front.




I´ve heard that 3n38 can produce pretty large fireballs if loaded hot enough, I will try to get some night photos of the new loads as well. :)


Can anyone recommend a good wear resistant paint for aluminum gun parts? Will a 2k engine block paint work? Duracoat is a tried brand but I don´t like paying an arm and a leg for a tiny can of paint if there are other paints out there which are just as good at decent prices.




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Sorry if this question was already addressed, what bullets are you using? Awesome Work!!!

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