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  1. I bought a gen5 28shell rig and a Matchsaver today so as soon as I get back home I'll start practising quad loading until I can do them in my sleep.
  2. Ok, with a 170mm rule there isnt much to gain from multiple shell holders. Copy the top guys is usually the best approach, thanks!
  3. Your reasoning behind left hand loading makes sense Jon. Having the shell holders set up at the best angle is also a great hint, I have my 170mm open mags angled perfectly for a quick grab from each position so it would be dumb not to have the shotgun rig set up in the same way. Following that thought, would it be better to have two 12 shell holders and a 4 all set at the best angle than a single 28? The total cost would be about the same.
  4. Great advice guys! I'll try a 28 shell left hand rig in the store and if I like it I'll buy it and do some serious dry practice this winter. For a belt, will a wide leather weight lifting belt do? I am not very interested in paying 140 euros for a King belt that looks more or less identical to a 20 euro bodybuilder belt.
  5. Oh, one thing I have to ask before I buy a rig. I have for obvious reasons not been able to do any real testing if I like strong hand reloading better than weak hand dito, and since the King rigs are either LH or RH I need to make a decision before I buy one. I "think" that weak hand reloading with the gun stock in my armpit would be easier for me while running through a stage, mixing both styles is an option but it feels like it might confuse things when I have to remember what shell carrier that still has shells in it in the middle of a stage. Thoughts about this anyone? I'd love to try all kinds of rig setups but I have a 10 hour drive to the store that sells the King rigs so I would like to pick one setup and stick to it. Cheers! /Anders
  6. That is very kind of you Jon, I am focusing on my Open handgun shooting so the shotgun will be mainly be used for local matches and training sessions. At least for now, I might get hooked once I get the quad loading sorted out.
  7. Great, I wouldnt want to make the last reload on a long stage with shells from the pant pockets. King seems to be quality stuff, and they sell the brand locally so I can try them out before I buy.
  8. Thanks a lot Jon for the explanation! A 28 shell King rig plus an additional 8shell holder will be plenty then.
  9. As the title suggests, how many shells do an IPSC shotgun rig need to hold? I am about to start shooting Modified shotgun but all of my club friends shoot mag fed Open shotguns so no help there. I have seen rigs with three 8-shell holders, but then there are King rigs with like 48 shells or so so I am mighty confused how large a rig I really need. No plans for world shoots or other major matches, just club matches and the occational lvl2. Cheers! /Anders
  10. Here is my Tanfoglio Domina LF 9mm, I am finally starting to be satisfied with it after a trigger job, machining a new comp and thumb rest and gluing carbide sand to the grip panels.
  11. You are welcome! I have very little experience with open guns other than this one, but I suspect that a non-hybrid barrelled design shooting Major loads will need a pretty efficient (read large) comp in order to behave.
  12. The new comp is awesome! Much less recoil and dot movement, I shot a couple of series with 80%A and the rest C at 25 yards at a speed that would have given me several Mikes with the original comp. You can see the ports working in the pic, fire out of all three ports and only a puff of smoke out through the end.
  13. A bit of more work done to the Domina, a new thumb rest has been made, the mag release button has been extended and I have milled a large three port compensator that I just got back from hard anodizing. The new comp makes a world of difference, the dot is back on target even before the slide has cycled, the original comp is way too small for a non-hybrid barrel in my humble opinion. The angle of the photo makes the comp look larger than it really is.
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