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  1. Here is my Tanfoglio Domina LF 9mm, I am finally starting to be satisfied with it after a trigger job, machining a new comp and thumb rest and gluing carbide sand to the grip panels.
  2. You are welcome! I have very little experience with open guns other than this one, but I suspect that a non-hybrid barrelled design shooting Major loads will need a pretty efficient (read large) comp in order to behave.
  3. The new comp is awesome! Much less recoil and dot movement, I shot a couple of series with 80%A and the rest C at 25 yards at a speed that would have given me several Mikes with the original comp. You can see the ports working in the pic, fire out of all three ports and only a puff of smoke out through the end.
  4. A bit of more work done to the Domina, a new thumb rest has been made, the mag release button has been extended and I have milled a large three port compensator that I just got back from hard anodizing. The new comp makes a world of difference, the dot is back on target even before the slide has cycled, the original comp is way too small for a non-hybrid barrel in my humble opinion. The angle of the photo makes the comp look larger than it really is.
  5. I've installed a Unica hammer, custom sear and lighter main and firing pin springs. Now the trigger is perfect, it was a bit too heavy for my taste before. I have also epoxy glued carbide sand to the grips since the originals would soon get slippery when the palms get sweaty. Happy new year!
  6. I considered it but didn't want to wait two weeks for one to arrive, with a full blown metal shop it is a quick job to modify the standard trigger. I'll let you know how the load tests progress!
  7. I didn't fancy the curved trigger, so I spent an hour in the workshop straightening it out. Now it fits my hands much better. At the moment I am trying to sort out a Major load for it, with LOS 123gr RN bullets I can load as long as 29.8mm OAL but I settled with 29.5mm and 7.9gr 3n38 for a starter. I'll chrono it next week and see what PF I'll get out of it, the load is barely even compressed so there is room for 0.2gr more if needed.
  8. One thing I have noticed though is that the blue coating isn´t very tough, I use a speed holster and after just a few weeks of dry practice the trigger guard looks like this. It is a race gun so I don´t care, but I thought I´d mention it. The Domina has a very short chamber just like any other Tanfoglio. The problem with the Domina is that the barrel apparently has a very hard coating that a normal reamer can´t cope with, so a carbide reamer is probably the only option if you want to ream it. 29.5mm OAL with 123gr RN bullets is possible without reaming, but the 123gr FP I normally shoot can only be loaded to 28.0mm OAL which is insanely short. Especially since I will use VV 3n38 powder that almost fills the case to the rim at 8 grains.
  9. I have to ask, do you leave the gun in a pool of salt water after a range session or how do you make it rust?
  10. I think you posted in the wrong thread.
  11. Ok, this is my first Tanfoglio so I didn´t know that.
  12. Taking a closer look at the "wear mark" it looks a bit too geometric to be a scratch, a circle with a crossed out square below it. Perhaps they laser mark the slides for some strange reason? Doesen´t really matter to me since this is a race gun and will look like one after a couple of seasons.
  13. A few more pics then. I can highly recommend Guga Ribas speed holster and mag holders, they are awesome! The tiny wear mark next to the safety was there when I got it, might have been something against it in the box during the shipping from the dealer. The coating feels very good so it is not a manufacture flaw.
  14. I'll take some more pics of the gun for you, the blue finish looks much better IRL than I thought it would. Sure I could find a bullet and powder combo that makes major without reaming, but since I like 3n38 (plus it is found locally) I'll need to ream it.
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