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Activator Question for stage builders

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2 hours ago, rowdyb said:

I've also seen a ring welded on the end of a spike and the cable ran throught the ring. You just hammer the spike in where needed to make the turns and slack work out.


That's what we use, although ours are screw-thread carabiners so they can be opened to accept the cable.  We don't have fixed cable lengths, though.  We adjust to length needed with U-clamps.  We did get tired of threading cable through eyelets and now use snap closure carabiners to hook onto the props.


As for what we do when we're done, we usually coil the cable up, put a zip tie on it and put it in a big storage box with the rest of the cables and break-away sticks.

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1 hour ago, CrashDodson said:

Do yall use the coated cable or just the regular wire rope



Just galvanized aircraft cable. 

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20 hours ago, CrashDodson said:

Blackburn Copper Lay-In Lug Connector for #4 to #14 Wire (Case of 10)


Anyone have any ideas for attaching a mount point to a popper that doesnt have any holes in it?  I found this grounding connector.  Not sure how well it would work.

We’ve used small c-clamps or a cheap vise grip pliers. Neither is ideal, need to constantly check that it stays tight. Maybe lock-tite the c-clamp?

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