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How to Build a Sight Block 2011?


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Has anyone worked with the EGW Comp Blank - Full Profile 2" Carbon Steel? Would it sit low enough to be flush with a long dust cover or is it cut to match a classic slide? 

I don't see anyone selling sight blocks or blanks for 1911/2011?


Also, how is the slide made to work? A commander slide or cut a government slide?

Thank You

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Egw blank =classic slide

Trubor blank can be had in 40

Govt slide cut to Commander length so you get the longer stroke.

I finished one this summer.

Real nice to shoot, honestly not any better than a good fldc gun.

If you don't have a good grip may be slightly easier to shoot, again slightly

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I guess the best way is to get a custom compensator/block made?

What about the barrel - (length, threaded or no, bull or bushing)? 


I saw a Hybri-Comp barrel with a sight block/compensator but he extended the frame to make the length flush - I guess you couldn't do that without extending the frame?

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