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Polymer80 PF940C Aftermarket Glock Frame for ESP/CCP


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Is there any reason why the Polymer80 PF940C frame wouldn't be legal in ESP/CCP? 



Anyone have any experience or know anyone who shoots one of these in sanctioned matches? 


I've read through the rule book several times and they aren't specifically banned.


I've also searched around and can't find a definite "No".


Any help would be appreciated.


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If I had one, I would take it to a Tier 1 and not worry about it.

Before I took it to a Tier 2+ and certainly before I bought one for the purpose, I would run it up the MD-AC-HQ chain for an official position. 



I see guys with them on the IDPA Facebook group but I haven't seen anyone with one in a sanctioned match. DIY 2011s are legal in ESP so I would think this would be too


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I cant see why not. I would say no for SSP as there are production minimums, but none of that verbiage in ESP..  I ran a homemade 1911 in IDPA in the 90's at state matches without issue.
Although with IDPA ? who knows that any match will say on any given Sunday.

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