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  1. Jim Watson

    New pistol for both idpa and uspsa

    Finger grooves, ugh.
  2. Jim Watson

    EGW 7 hole Chamber checker

    I have the EGW four hole, four caliber checker. It has no throat. If there is bullet bearing surface outside the case mouth, it won't gauge. Not very useful except for my occasional run of JHPs. I feed rounds through a Lyman 9mm or Wilson .45 gauge, too tightfisted for a "hundo." Just to be sure, try a case out of the sizing die, then one run through expander and taper crimp without a bullet. I used to have a gauge chambered with the same reamer used on the barrel of my then 9mm Miller Major. Very convenient.
  3. Jim Watson

    2.0 C with rmr cut

    Oh, yes, that upper was $450; he was determined to get a Fastfire on a gun he really liked instead of the Glock kluge he had been playing with.
  4. Jim Watson

    2.0 C with rmr cut

    I was at the point of buying a Pro before they could 2.0 everything when a friend added a CORE slide to his. Hmm, I say. I now am thinking of getting a CORE and shooting it with the iron sights until I get the itch for a dot.
  5. Jim Watson

    Model 41 for rimfire steel challenge

    I bought one many years ago, not for any specific use, just that it was one of those things to have. A deluxe plinker for a long time. I now shoot SC with it, CCI SV in a clean gun is good. It may be heavy for the real speedsters, but I haven't been fast with anything for a decade or two. I have only had two problems with it since I started SC a couple of years ago. One day I gave it a good cleaning and it would not cycle reliably. A couple of magazines in pump mode and suddenly something seated into the proper position and it was fine thereafter. I had a short recoil the other day, ejected the empty but did not pick up the next round. Did not shoot to call on the paper target, either. Did normally afterwards. I have no doubt it was a bad round. Talk about heavy, I splurged on some extra magazines for my High Standard with scope rail. The old Tasco really ballasts it. The red dot is good for accuracy, we will see how it swings on the plates in a couple of weeks.
  6. Jim Watson

    Any Strike One or Type B owners?

    Awaiting Type A, which I understand will be a 5 inch gun. A local shop was listed as an Archon dealer. The operator did not know what I was talking about.
  7. Agree with floater, don't just go away mad, let them know what is happening. Also is the ignorant SO the MD? If not, you can always go over his head.
  8. Jim Watson

    How has PCC going?

    I am sure your AC could have a word with them, if that didn't help, maybe HQ would try to get them on the straight and narrow.
  9. I agree. The fault line is the only definition of a cover position. Nothing says you have to be AT the fault line to shoot, just behind it. But then I did not keep up my SO card for the current rules.
  10. Jim Watson

    M&P Pro 9mm

    Me, too. I splurged on three Toni System bases to get my 4.25" Plastic M&P into CCP. They do get the height down to 5.375" although I haven't had them in an official Box yet. I also sanded down a spare plastic base, it cracked but hasn't popped off... yet. If I want more, I will sand down some 10 shooters; shipping from Italy is expen$ive. I am also contemplating a 5", a friend's is definitely steadier for SSP/Prod. I thought about grabbing a Pro before they 2.0-ed everything but am now looking for a 5" CORE. I figure I could shoot it with the iron sights. I am not now interested in CO, but if I wanted to take it up, that would get me in with no fuss. There is now a 5" 2.0 without thumb safety or "tactile chamber indicator" for a good deal less money than the first run with those devices. Still brown, though. Somebody heard that it will be two years before they make them in black. If you like a rough grip, the 2.0 is fine, and I don't think you will miss the beavertail. They have been set up to prevent auto-forward on the reload, which many IDPA shooters consider a feature, not a bug.
  11. Jim Watson

    Newbie Questions

    Appendix carry is not allowed in IDPA. Small of the back is not allowed. Trigger must be behind the side centerline of your body. The pants seam is a good indicator but not official. Think FBI carry. So must ammo. I don't see where Uncle Mike's holsters are barred, their Kydex is not bad. Some ranges disallow the SERPA and similar trigger finger latch holsters but that is not an IDPA rule. Gun with longest magazine must fit The Box, gun with heaviest magazine must weigh not more than 43 oz.
  12. Jim Watson

    IDPA Matches

    How about the Pima Pistol Club? https://pimapistolclub.com/idpa/
  13. Jim Watson

    Cajun Gun Works SP01 rules question

    8.2.2 Enhanced Service Pistol Division (ESP) Handguns permitted for use in ESP must: A. Be semi-automatic. B. Use 9 mm (9x19) or larger cartridges. C. The unloaded firearm with the heaviest magazine must weigh 43.00 oz. or less. D. The firearm with the largest magazine inserted must fit in the IDPA gun test box measuring 8 ¾” x 6” x 1 5/8”. The gun can be canted in The Box. Will that get a 6.125" gun in a 6" box? I don't know. Might have been smart to read the rules before you bought the gun.
  14. Jim Watson

    Return to IDPA

    A Helwig on your belt and money in your pocket sounds good to me.
  15. I just loaded a batch of 124 Bayous in 9mm with 3.8 gr of HP38. That got me 1054 fps f 131 in a Springfield. Sorry, I didn't chronograph it in the PMP. 3.6 gr HP38 is about right for 135 coated. Haven't shot any 147 coated, but 3.4 is enough for plated.
  16. Jim Watson

    Win 231 and Zero 147 JHP 9mm for 130 PF

    I load mostly the 147 grain Xtreme plated and 3.4 gr HP38. 894 fps, f 131 in my Colt 1991A1; 925 fps f 135 in Glock 34. Bullets differ, back when I could get Hornady 147 gr boattail blems cheap it took 3.7 gr HP38 for f 130 in that Colt and less in other guns. Didn't even make Minor in Sig P226. Don't freak out and fear for my safety when loading the Hodgdon maximum and more, Lyman STARTS at 3.4 and goes to Maximum 4.1 gr W231 and a 147 Speer TMJ.
  17. Jim Watson

    Mark7 Evolution

    My Dillon teething troubles are long over and nearly forgotten. I don't want to start over with another brand. Has anybody opened the Mk 7 box, set up the machine and gone to loading? If he has, I don't think he posted here.
  18. Jim Watson

    Good Quality, Slick Safety Earmuffs

    If you apply the Trevor Formula - attenuation only in frequency ranges attributed to gunshot - the NRR 19 dB Sordin looks a lot better at a cherry picked 30 dB. Thing is, if you apply the Trevor Formula to my NRR 30 dB passives, you get a Trevor Number of 44 dB. Quieter is quieter. I wish they would make a muff as comfortable with shooter safe insulation. But my Midway/Peltors are pretty comfortable to wear.
  19. Jim Watson

    fiber optic rod

    Yes, fiberopticproducts.com is about $6 a meter and they send by mail so the packing and post does not eat you up. I have a lifetime supply of green in two diameters for Dawson and Brazos sights. Red is OK, but I am replacing it with green as the inserts get dull and dirty. I had a piece of amber than came with a sight. I thought it would be kind of a luminous equivalent of a gold bead but it did not show up at all well.
  20. Jim Watson

    M&P Pro 9mm

    Legal stuff. AWB required a neutered magazine absolutely would not accept an 11th round, resulting in tight 10th and even 9th. I have some thin bases for MP9 that get it to CCP 5.375". Or you can sand down the bottom of a Maryland clip.
  21. Jim Watson

    Cold Hands

    But it's in English. And they didn't have any.
  22. Jim Watson

    Keeping Powder in the Press

    Right, the powder in the hopper came out of the can behind the press, no others on the bench.
  23. Jim Watson

    School me on the 2011 platform please

    Once upon a time, STI made a single stack butt, but it was the same O.D. as the double column. They are now showing a "modular" single stack hideout gun. Having discontinued their metal single stacks, maybe more will be forthcoming.
  24. Jim Watson

    Cold Hands

    Neat. Amazon actually has them in stock for lower price, though.
  25. Jim Watson

    Cold Hands

    I don't know The Answer, but even here in the Sunny South, I got my lightweight longies and quilted vest out yesterday. Hand warmers are on the shopping list.