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  1. IDPA China is a substantial sponsor as well as a rather strange source of shooters, so it figures they will get preference. Last year when it was merely the Nationals, four of us here entered with 8 points each. We didn't make the cut. I got plucked on the random draw. I declined, I didn't care enough to go by myself. Then two of my group got picked when they drew for that and other places left open. I told one, a new MM shooter, "I will go along and caddy." So when we got there, I was offered yet another place. But I hadn't taken my gear. So I followed her around with ammo and water and a bit of coaching. The other guy in my club that got a last minute opening DNF on heat exhaustion.
  2. Image. You said it, a Glock's partial and a Smith's 95% aren't visible.
  3. My STI Eagle is reliable, but I would not want to wear it all day. Maybe with the funnel removed. Mostly, I am surprised at so many agencies allowing pistols that are carried COCKED! I think the local department allows SA autos for those who can qualify at the instructor or SWAT level, not the hoi polloi.
  4. My Jarvis got a piece of steel pinned into the mortise for the camming system, and contoured into a conventional feed ramp. I don't know what it would take on your Briley which cams against the frame and, as I recall, a relocated slide stop, rather like a S&W instead of the Jarvis which is more like a Peters Stahl. See what Claudio has to say.
  5. Call them up and talk to a human. They might have one left. I had a Jarvis linkless barrel put in a gun. It did not perform so I converted it back to standard. But if I had not had a machinist and a gunsmith who worked cheap out of curiosity, it would not have been worth the trouble.
  6. It might be a Briley, although the only picture I could find - eighth one in post 21 - does not have the cut at the bottom of the ramp. https://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?t=277277
  7. Don't worry about it. The "longest barrel" provision is gone from the rules. Your ammo, your gun. 8.3.2 Official Chronograph Procedure Chronograph is conducted with the competitor present. Ammunition is pulled and/or bagged prior to arriving at the chronograph stage. The chronograph official will use the competitor-supplied firearm
  8. So, is the gauge out of spec or the gun barrel? I hate "minimum match chambers" that are really undersize.
  9. Agree with above, shoot one of your present guns in CCP (Compact Carry Pistol) at 8+1 with basic Kydex gear. The MD at one of the area ranges shoots CCP which gets us a lot of 17 shot stages, so you only have to reload once... if you don't miss.
  10. My FLG prefers Colt or Nowlin.
  11. I bought a large roll of paper practice targets on a Midway free shipping deal. They hang ok on the indoor range and staple to cardboard outside.
  12. Carbide Factory Crimp. https://leeprecision.com/carbide-factory-crimp-die-9mm.html
  13. For 9mm P (minor) I use the Dillon sizing die for 124 coated and 147 all types. The 115s get the EGW U die for a pronounced waist to avoid setback. Dillon "powder funnel" expander. I tried the MR "M" type but it is much shorter than the Dillon and I was getting funny noises with the powder die adjusted down so far. I will give it another try one of these days. Hornady Custom sleeve type seating die with Microjust stem. Less expensive than Redding. Lee CFC. Does not "resize the bullet" in the tapered 9mm case but irons out near the head where the mouth radius of the sizing die does not touch.
  14. If you "speed unload" I will ask you to show me an empty chamber on MY schedule.
  15. Anecdote alert: Some years ago, we had one with tarps hung across the indoor range, no walkthrough. Lights out. Step through the curtain, draw pistol, illuminate flashlight, engage. I ended up with one target having six bullet holes because I would find it anew every time I moved between props. We only got in the one stage that evening but it was a challenge. A highway patrolman had dropped in to see what we were doing on Tuesdays after the store closed. He didn't shoot but he still seemed surprised. Maybe it got him to thinking about what would be required if he had to enter a dark space for real.
  16. Zero "conical" JHPs have a following. Look a lot like a HAP. http://www.rozedist.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=RZD&Product_Code=R136-A&Category_Code=ZBJ-9MM
  17. Just another reason the sanctioning organizations don't allow them.
  18. Sorry, guys, IDPA no longer allows blind stages, either. 6.6.10 Blind stages and movable non-threat targets are not allowed. I see no reason not to have a novelty non-USPSA, non-IDPA match with blind stages, but there are limits. As said, only staff and shooters who have already been through may paste and reset. Staff involved in design and setup may not shoot for record. And as the old saw goes, "Anything worth winning is worth cheating for." The last such match I shot, there was little doubt in anybody's mind that one guy was coaching his buds on the upcoming surprise stage. But it could not be proven to the point of DQing them.
  19. I think it is little known and not readily available in the USA. There is a US version called Archon Model B but they do not show any of the Italian Strike One guns.
  20. I have some of the first production run of Metalform 10x9s. They worked fine for a while, then got spotty. Springs did not help. Discarding the spacer and installing Super springs and followers worked pretty well. I don't see any complaints about the current crop whether under Brownell or Dawson brand. Tripps feed well, but as said are prone to stripping a round on a speed load or even coming out of the carrier. CMC XPs are the best I have found but are no longer made under Wilson ownership. I have one of the replacement Range Pro magazines and it is doing well. The Wilson ETM Gen 0 and Gen 1 seem gun specific, good in one pistol, not the other. I have one ETM Gen 2 that is doing well in both. Nine round magazines are a lot less finicky, whether 1950 rear spacer or Metalform/Leatham/Springfield front ramp. A Metalform 38 magazine with their round follower is a fine 9mm magazine. In MY guns.
  21. There are a lot of brands of bullets using Hi-Tek coating. A lot of them use the same Magma machine molds. A lot of them are of good quality. Those are pretty well interchangeable no matter the color. Some, like Blue Bullets coat with Something Else. A lot of them work, too. I shot some Blue Bullets and they were a bit different shape from the BBI and Bayou bullets I was accustomed to. So they had to be seated different - shorter OAL. They shot ok. I shot some coated bullets in the Pre-Hi Tek era. The Bull X was great. Some of the others were ok in low velocity rounds like .38 Special and .45 ACP but failed at higher speed in 9mm. One brand successfully made the transition to Hi Tek.
  22. I went with the half price deal. As you note, the shipping both ways runs it up to not much less than the sale price of a new one. Well, I DID get a new unit, the old one being irreparable. I'd admire to have a Labradar but it costs five times as much and I am not doing as much chronographing as I used to. The local range was not interested in hiring me to run chrono for their customers.
  23. On the shelf, my reloads are in the boxes the bullets came out of. When I go shooting, my ammo is in magazines, I clip up ammo at home in advance. I have enough single stack magazines to shoot the typical six stage IDPA club match without reloading. When shooting USPSA, the eight double columns are pre-loaded and I carry loose ammo in one of those 100 round bulk WWB boxes. If 240 rounds isn't enough, there is always a 50 round box in the bag. Loose primers are rare but not unknown. Inverted primers from the jostling of progressive primer feed seem more common. Either way, it is something to check for in the gauging or plunking process.
  24. Interesting. I am now looking out the window at a sunny yard because I stayed home on the basis of an 80% thunderstorm forecast. I will probably torment myself by looking at the radar over both the ranges holding matches today, 100 and 135 miles away. (Range A has been clearing for a couple of hours, Range B is in the rain with more to come.) I have shot in foul weather in the past, I have eaten a couple of entry fees at minor matches rather than get rained on again. Present policy is not to pay in advance. If I DNS or withdraw on Practiscore, I am not out anything. That limits me to Tier 1/Level 1 matches, but that is ok with me now.
  25. That's the one that is on sale, marked down from $745.50 to $25.00? What a deal.
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