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  1. Yes. But my main use is for L10 so it doesn't matter. I tried to trade my 141 MBXs for 126s with no takers so I am just letting them stick out half full of air.
  2. My MBX 9mm 141.25s feed reliably in STI Eagle for lowly Lim Minor, but I occasionally get a round under the follower and once went full saltshaker with lots of ammo under the follower. It galls me to be told I have to "condition" a $140 magazine, or sand the follower, or completely replace it. Especially since my STI Gen 2s Just Work. So do my MBX .45s, for that matter, although .45 STI Gen 2s are just as good.
  3. I don't know either, but I have seen the result. I have seen one wear out of fit in short order, too.
  4. Agree. The old style trigger shoe is wider than many trigger guards and will snag on the mouth of a holster. Leave the safety off and get a leg shot. Referring to a whole replacement trigger as a "shoe" is confusing.
  5. I am not ordinarily a Gotcha type, but I can imagine a requirement that if your CO pistol is equipped with a laser sight, then you must use the laser to aim the gun.
  6. Not normally. Exceptions being if you are disabled and have to have a weapon light to shoot a low light stage or if the match has announced a "Specialty Division" with lights.
  7. I found them to be harder than WSR, FSR, or any pistol primer. Had to be hand seated, my 550 would not set them.
  8. Just got mine working today. Priming is more consistent. BUT, there is the Hole Diameter Problem. They say: "The die measures .579" diameter and will be a light press fit on Dillon Super 1050 Toolheads. The die will need to be modified to work in the RL 1050. The OD must be turned down to fit the RL 1050." Well, MY Super 1050 has the small hole and I had to impose on my gunsmith to turn the die body down to .561" to fit. Seems like Everglades could make both diameters and save the customer the fuss. Even if it added a dollar or two for them to make and stock two sizes. I understand the 1100 has the small hole and if so, combined with the installed base of RL 1050s, and Supers like mine that did not read the catalog, it would be a great convenience.
  9. Most Dotters I see use the sight as a charging handle. I know of a couple who come in under the gun to grab front serrations
  10. If Kimber will sell you a hat full of factory replacements, you could cut and try again. All the Internet Experts will tell you not to clip coils. OK. Do like Dale Rhea does Glock springs. Put them in a drill and sand them down from the outside. He leaves the end coils alone, gets kind of an hour glass profile.
  11. Coil. If you had the wire diameter, coil diameter, and number of coils, would Wollf talk to you about substitutes?
  12. How much aftermarket support do you need? The K6 Target has FO/adjustable sights, there are grips and holsters to be had. Kimber has their own twist speed loader and Speed Beez makes a push loader to suit. Unfortunately, Wolff does not list mainsprings which makes spring engineering down to mandatory Federal primer level difficult.
  13. Ought to work as well as any for IDPA Rev S; speed loader guns. Not competitive in USPSA Rev. Not that I have seen one, revolver shooters of any brand are not common here. I only get mine out for a thrill every once in a while.
  14. Right. I have about as many 9mm bullets as I do small primers. Maybe more, I bought some 115s for a side project. When my .45 bullet - large primer inventories converge, I will quit buying bullets.
  15. I know a couple in USPSA CO but versions without mag well funnel, not Max; I have not seen one in IDPA. All matches I see are lousy with red dots. If you haven't got a dot, you just aren't With It.
  16. It looks like an P320 X5 Legion plus the dot. The Legion will fit The Box according to catalog specifications.
  17. The Box is 6" tall, catalog says gun is 6.8" tall. Does that include protruding 21 round magazine and/or dot sight? If the magazine, the 17 shot might be short enough to pass. If the sight, there is a cutout so the Carry Optic sight can be as tall as you like. There is not a Concealed Carry Optic division, it is Carry Optic and the gun only has to fit ESP specs with a weight allowance and Box clearance for the sight.
  18. My gunsmith may be the only man in the country that Dillon charges for replacement parts. Why? Because he tells them how they could have avoided breakage by a change in design or material. So they penalize his advice by charging him for another part the same as the old one. They do pay attention, my third SDB frame was beefed up where the first two had broken.
  19. If it is just a matter of moving the head over, leave it like you have it.
  20. I see a die with two moving parts, two adjustable parts, a lock ring, and two O rings. That is pretty trick vs my old Lyman with a body and a plug.
  21. From what I see, the leading "production" gun with a hammer is a CZ with Cooper Selective DA/SA. That is, with a proper thumb safety... that you cannot use, you must ease the hammer down for a DA start. The Beretta 92X Performance Production likewise, if I ever saw one being shot. Why? Why not a decocker? I know, you are careful and you are not going to slip lowering the hammer, blah, blah. I was too, while shooting a pre-B about 20 years ago. But not everybody is as careful... or as lucky. It would take some cooperation from the manufacturer, I don't see any three pound decocker guns in the catalog and heavier seems better these days.
  22. I don't understand, my sizing die decaps as it sizes, two steps in one.
  23. I have seen recent adverts from Lee and Hornady for complex looking specialty dies. Has anybody tried one or the other? Lee Ram Swage for primer pocket crimp removal. Fits single stage press sort'a like RCBS but has a spring loaded shell holder instead of the "stripper washer." https://leeprecision.com/ram-swage.html Looks like it is caliber specific. Hornady shows a combination seat-crimp die with a lot of parts and separate adjustments. https://www.hornady.com/reloading/dies/custom-grade-dies#!/ Have to select "Taper crimp/seating die" I couldn't get a direct link. Video at https://vimeo.com/171599908
  24. I agree, IDPA or USPSA, if you don't have a CO these days, you just aren't With It. Us stick-in-the-mud iron sight shooters have a lot of Glock SSPs and 1911 ESPs. I see numbers of imitation Glocks* but not many SAOs other than 1911. *If it is striker fired and made out of plastic, it is operationally no different from a Glock, just a matter of personal preference and low sales resistance. MY glockoid is a Smith and Wesson.
  25. Somebody or another recommended variable springs for compensated guns, standard for standard.
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