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  1. Since it does not adhere strictly to printed rules, probably not. There is a Covid Pause in rule book editions, maybe they will formally apply it next year.
  2. The present AC Gentlemen's Agreement would pass it so long as it made weight, fit The Box, and did not have something obviously disallowed like a mushroom head magazine catch or superfluous holes in the barrel. Catalog specifications say it will and I don't think Cajun is doing anything considered unacceptable at present. The 1911 bushing would not likely pass a strict technical inspection but they are not now checking for stuff like that.
  3. I will assume it fits The Box and that weight is OK. Sights are OK. What is a "srts trigger?" Is it a CZ factory part?
  4. My 4.5 is very nice with trigger and sights improved but I do wish I had hung on until the 5" came out.
  5. There is no longer a rule against "round dumping" but I would be more comfortable if you didn't brag about it.
  6. "I guess I'd take the 3 second penalty and run it 4 seconds faster than everyone else." Early days, there was a variation on this: "I don't care what the lame silly rules say, I am going to shoot it the way they taught me at ninjaswatoperatorskool and take the penalty. Now there is the Flagrant Penalty but in those days I believe I would have been justified in giving a DQ or at least a 20 sec. FTDR for unsportsmanlike conduct by intentionally breaking rules.
  7. MD/SOs here are pretty good about specifying "these targets are in the open and are to be engaged near to far," or "these are surprise targets and may be engaged in any order, moving or standing." Of course that is just an aspect of Rule Zero. Not quite. Rule says Targets may be re-engaged from other shooting positions provided the shooter does not break the defined Muzzle Safe Points see section 2.9. We had to tell a shooter not to charge a target past the last fault line the other day.
  8. I think "gentlemen's agreement" is a good term for it. Rev up your Grand Power before they change their minds. The Brock's Gap IDPA had a family group Saturday; Dad, Junior, and Sub-Junior, a heartwarming sight. But they may have been too lax on equipment, these guys were all fitted out in very nice USPSA Limited rigs with 2011s, lots of bucks on sporting goods for the boys. I guess the MD and CSO thought it worth the dispensation to get them to shoot. Why "too bad?" Good quality guns, legit if they go back to black letter rules, competitive if they don't; unless a bull barrel is perceptibly more effective.
  9. Of what you list I have loaded 700X - large coarse flakes, I had to hang a vibrator on the powder measure to get reasonably uniform loads. Tite Group - seems ok, the friend I went to a match with yesterday uses nothing but. Some adverse reports on coated bullets. Power Pistol - high velocity possible, but loud report and bright muzzle flash. Bullseye - loads and shoots well, gun and hands end up sooty.
  10. In the panicdemic it does not do much good to ask for a recipe if you don't say how many eggs - or what powder - you have or can get.
  11. I have watched state and national match IDPA inspections by Box, scale, and eyeball. That level of qualification is easy. How much further could it go? Kicking stuff around on the internet is one game, shooting matches is another, and I don't have any trouble keeping them separate in my mind. Right now I am shooting mostly L10 (.45 2011) because that is what suits my ammo and component supplies. Give me back pre panicdemic component availability and I would be straight back to Limited.
  12. If there was still a definition of Production that was somewhat close to stock, you could do like a horse race; close scrutiny of the winners. Who cares what Joe Schmuck felt like he had to do for 7th place?
  13. I doubt anybody would notice that silly millimeter of aftermarket bushing protrusion. But it IS an ESP modification. I doubt IDPA will gut SSP the way USPSA has turned Production into Custom Striker Fired.
  14. This is the end of September, you have missed out on a March match. Assuming they will run one again next year, none of your guns are allowed and the events are not at all like USPSA. 3. AUTHORIZED WEAPONS: a. Service Rifle: U.S. Service Rifle, Caliber 5.56mm, M4/M4A1 Carbine as described in TM 9-1005-319-10 (w/c3) as issued. No commercial equivalent arms, Special Purpose rifles (SPR), or Designated Marksman Rifles are authorized. b. Service Pistol: U.S. Pistol, Caliber 9mm, M9 or M11 as described in TM 9-1005-317-23&P, as issued; or M17 or M18 as described in TM 9-1005-470-10&P. No commercial equivalent pistols/revolvers are authorized. Your laundry list looks suitable for USPSA or 3-Gun. I think you are nitpicking too soon to know what is really needed, but it is your money.
  15. Maybe if they reduced the amount of ammo you could carry but allowed reloads ad lib. That would call for some thought. "It's faster to speed load now, but will one magazine get me through the rest of the stage?" Jeff Cooper was of the opinion that you could count shots even under stress so as to reload with a loaded chamber but an empty magazine. But in his day, that only required counting to six or seven.
  16. I could see a market for that, and a guideline for measuring the bullet ogive to see where they clashed.
  17. Early days of the Masters in Birmingham, they went to some trouble to provide choices while still adhering to IDPA rules. There were usually two choices, occasionally more. You could take long or tight or long tight shots with little movement, or make a lot of movement to get open shots. An Expert could do it the hard way, a Marksman would be better off to do it the slow way to avoid NTs, hard cover, and misses. A Sharpshooter was going to have to think whether he felt lucky today. What I meant was people whose main game is IDPA, not mostly USPSA crossovers.
  18. Sad to hear. I shot the first ten years of IDPA Nationals, until they moved out of the South, and had a great time at all. I would like to see a report by an IDPA shooter, though.
  19. He bought the brand and shifted from Washington to Tennessee, putting in a lot of new machinery, maybe all new machinery. I hope to run into him at the Eagle Eye range again, he seemed not averse to plant tours.
  20. Famous (thankfully parting) words from a character here: "I can shoot the gun, I just can't handle all these RULES!" Including safety rules. Fortunately he quit on his own and we did not have to jump through the hoops to ban him. The bad part was, his wife would not shoot without him along and she had been an asset to the club, careful and cordial.
  21. szbarrels.com seems to be the current site. The Shop page has a faint fine menu down the right side. All I know about it is that I shot a match and had lunch with the Zittas. It wouldn't hurt to call him up.
  22. The difference being near stock condition guns. Maybe even a minimum trigger pull like IPSC.
  23. The only case I saw, a Gold Cup firing pin was protruding nearly a quarter of an inch, stopped only by the spring stacking solid. No feeding in front of that. You would have to assume something sticking the firing pin with normal .040-.060" protrusion AND an inertia feed to get the round in front of the firing pin and extractor AND something stopping the round entering the chamber with a lot of case wall exposed AND the extractor snapping over the rim leaving enough force to fire the primer. Right.
  24. If I were the Division Czar, I would give you full capacity Production magazines and take back all those ludicrous alterations, making it a Stock division. No changes but sights, springs, and polish.
  25. Slamfire by a stuck firing pin would require several things to be just right - or just wrong - at the same time. I think the firing pin is now stuck because the blanked primer blew a piece of cup and crud back down the firing pin tunnel.
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