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  1. Jim Watson

    Target Rain Guards

    Neat idea. They said they worked great and it rained HARD Wednesday night.
  2. Jim Watson

    TIG welding

    I had a weld repair done by Jim Milks dba Innovative, link above. Not cheap but neat and prompt.
  3. Jim Watson

    IDPA and USPSA setups

    The front strap is the front surface of the grip frame from trigger guard to butt.
  4. Jim Watson

    IDPA and USPSA setups

    The following criteria apply to IDPA legal holsters. H. For male shooters, the holster must carry firearm so that the entire front strap (to the trigger guard) is at or above the top of the belt. Police and military personnel are allowed to use their duty rigs as follows: A. The duty holster must be a strong side belt or thigh holster with at least one retention feature. B. All retention features of the holster must be used. C. All belt equipment holders must be present, though the shooter may decide which belt equipment is present.
  5. Jim Watson

    Entery level production pistol

    A guy here liked Caniks, had three of them. But he decided he didn't trust Century to keep parts available so he started shooting Something Else. Actually went through a couple of different brands. I don't think he is hitting as well, though. I'd go for it.
  6. My striker fired pick is the Plastic M&P; but I don't consider it operationally different from or better than Glock, HK, Walther, XD, etc. I have the perception that the swing to CZ and TZ is driven by their success in IPSC Production which has a first shot minimum 5 lb trigger. The DA/SA guns can follow that with a 2 lb trigger for the rest of the stage, the Glock types cannot.
  7. Jim Watson

    Pregame squib

    A friend stuck about the third bullet the first day of a two day match, they made him change ammo. He wasn't carrying around a different batch but the rep at the PO demo bay fronted him a box and we went to Walmart that night.
  8. Jim Watson

    Pregame squib

    A double squib. Is there a rule against serial carelessness?
  9. Jim Watson

    1st IDPA Match in over a decade, and ...

    I do not think you should have been penalized. I have seen (done) a lot of shooters cross a fault line and step back to shoot. 3.2.5 A target is considered “Engaged” when: A. A cardboard target is deemed to have been engaged when the required number of shots for that target have been fired at the target. 3.6.3 When Fault Lines are used to delineate cover: A. Fault Lines are used to ensure a shooter is behind cover when engaging targets from a Position of Cover (PoC). There will only be one Fault Line at each PoC, and that line applies to all targets engaged from that PoC. B. Physical objects used (wood, rope, barrels, walls), as Fault Lines, to delineate cover must start at the cover object (e.g. wall, barrel, etc.) and extend back away from cover in the up-range direction. The object used to mark the line must extend back away from the cover object at least 3 feet. C. A shooter who engages a target while faulting the line (which is defined as the shooter touching the ground or other objects on the non-cover side of the fault line) shall be assessed a PE.
  10. Jim Watson

    How Many Points Down?

    I don't know about the Classifiers, but it has been said that 10% of your score as points down was a good compromise. More accurate was probably slow, faster was probably wild. Top shooter at the Nationals was 285 net, 20 points down, one hit on nonthreat. 8.8% PD + Penalty.
  11. Jim Watson

    M&P full size in IDPA CCP?

    I saw an advertisement for a thin, tapered aluminum base plate, but it was a trial balloon and I cannot find it for sale. So I started sanding on a $2 spare plastic pad. I only have an outline of The Box on my bench but I appear to have got it down enough or nearly enough to fit. I will sand some more and take it to a club with The Box to see. The "takedown tool" is well inside the limit.
  12. Jim Watson

    Carry Optics

    I live in Florence. If I want to shoot matches I have to travel. It is 22 miles to the club range with small outlaw USPSAish and IDPAoid shoots. It is 88 miles to Ridge Crossing for substantial IDPA. It is 95 miles to Cavern Cove for large Steel Challenge, they dropped IDPA because carbines were the Next Big Thing. It is 117 miles to Manchester for IDPA. Haven't been since I got into steel, though. It is 135 miles to Brock's Gap. Mostly IDPA but BPCR in the past, USPSA and SC available. I've got the van so I am the designated bus driver if more than two of us go, usually three or four. Not counting majors at 150+ miles. I am resisting invitations to travel seven hours to next Louisiana State.
  13. Jim Watson

    Carry Optics

    Brock's Gap, Hoover (Birmingham area) second Saturday. And that was a relatively slow day, first day of dove season and early season football. They often fill up at 80. They also do USPSA first Saturday and Steel Challenge third Saturday AND Sunday. All well attended.
  14. Jim Watson

    Carry Optics

    I shot Saturday with 2 CO and 4 PCC out of 65 entries.
  15. Jim Watson

    Copper Primer

    I found a copper primer in a 9mm today. Obviously a reload, so the WIN headstamp doesn't mean anything. A friend had a misfire, which panicked me because I had loaded all our ammo and we have a match this weekend. But I saw the primer was copper, in with ammo loaded with brass WWs. I got home and pulled the bullet, and sure enough, it was a different bullet and powder from what I use. I figure she had picked it up after ULSC sometime in the past and got somebody else's round. It did not go off when loaded back in, which was what got my attention. So, who makes copper small primers for the reloading trade?
  16. Jim Watson

    Copper Primer

    Yes, copper not brass, my main 9mm primer is unplated WW. Was shown a picture, much most likely Rooshin made.
  17. Jim Watson

    Different crimping dies for 9mm

    I use the Lee CFC. Examination of loaded ammo in mixed brass shows three results. 1. No sign that the sizer section affected the round, just a faint taper crimp of the mouth like I got with Dillon. Most common result. 2. Bright ring where the sizer section brought down the case near the head.* Somewhat common. 3. Bright ring over the base band of the bullet where the sizer section resized an oversize bullet or thick case neck. Uncommon even with cast. Only the third group affects the bullet as we are so often warned. If I were very particular, I could cull those out for short range stages or practice. If I were very very particular, I could use same lot brass. I check ammo with a one holer gauge; I don't feel the need for a high inspection rate to justify the hundred buck hundred holer. Most gauge failures are due to burred or dented rims. Most of those are rectified by reversing the round and twisting the rim in the steel gauge to iron it out. The remainder go in the practice box. I can't recall a non-shootable gauge reject except for the very few times a split case has made it through the process. So maybe iDecide is right, just load and shoot. Let us know how that works for you. *I use the Dillon resize die with its bugle mouth for heavy and/or lead bullets. The 115s get a U sizing die to give that Coke bottle contour and prevent setback.
  18. Jim Watson

    P320 X5

    I was at a Sig demo at the local range/store Saturday. They had a "bear box" with an assortment of grip frames and uppers, with one trigger group. Assemble and shoot your combination. But X5 slide + regular grip still sounds ESP to me. They don't sell that combination as such, do they? There was a lot of hu hu over that weight, I don't remember how it ended up.
  19. Jim Watson

    POI 9mm 124 vs 115

    I cannot tell a difference by bullet weight at 10 yards, or even at 15 at match rate of fire. 20-25, you bet. I loaded some sub-minor ammo, the least that would function the gun, for GSSF. Even slow 115 strikes higher than standard 115, never mind heavier bullets.
  20. Jim Watson

    surprise target shooting order

    The original definition of a "surprise" or "discovered" target was one that you came upon while moving past a vision barrier (not cover) or by tripping a mechanical appearing target while moving. At first they had to be shot on the move, but since mandatory movement is no longer permissible, you can stop and shoot. There ought not to be other targets in view for you to interrupt engagement of. Not strictly a surprise but an appearing target from a position of cover showed up here last week. Shoot a paper target with an activator popper behind it to release a popup. We were told that we should shoot the paper in front of the activator twice for score before moving on to the popup, because it was farther around the cover and therefore not a "target of equal or higher priority."
  21. Jim Watson

    Carry Optics/ESP

    That's what the provisional rule says. 1.1.2 Handguns permitted for use in CO must: A. Comply with any IDPA pistol division before the optic is installed.
  22. I like the 10-8. It is broader but not longer.
  23. Jim Watson

    electrolyte supplement

    Orthostatic hypotension. Stood up to take my turn, blood pressure dropped suddenly. Maybe due to low blood volume, I was likely not as well hydrated as I thought. Vasovagal syncope. Involuntary nervous system got funny, dropped blood pressure, I fainted. One or the other or combination of effects, I dunno. Ended up on BP meds, more care on hydration and electrolytes.
  24. Jim Watson

    electrolyte supplement

    June 2017 I passed out at a match in Birmingham Ala. Well, nearly, I don't THINK I completely lost consciousness but things were real hazy there for a while. On range response got me horizontal with wet towels on head and chest, cold water bottles in armpits, water to drink. Ride to ER, IV, numerous tests. No specific cause; it was only mid 80s and I had been drinking water at my usual rate. Orthostatic hypotension and vasovagal syncope were ER and home MD diagnoses, respectively. Hearing the paramedic holding my wrist "I don't have a pulse." and the one with a hand on my neck "I don't have a pulse here, either." would have been alarming if I had been more compos mentis.
  25. Jim Watson

    electrolyte supplement

    I have some of the Hylands cramp relief pills, also their "Bioplasma." I don't know how much it is doing for me. Should a cramp slip by my regular protocol, pickle juice is an immediate relief.