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Floating 180?

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rule uses singular language. "THE" BACKSTOP.
Not the backstops.
Id interpret, that ot mean one stage one backstop. Or at least one string, one back stop. Ive seen two stages set up in the same 3 sided bay, that basocally used the opposite corners for the back stop on that stage.
So IMO, not legal.
I did used to shoot matches with NO 180 rule,,, well the 180 rule was,, "DONT POINT GUN AT RO. !
It was actually really cool stages. We used Blackwater trainign shoot houses, the entire inside was bullet proof 360 degrees, just the shooter and RO inside, hallways, steps, 

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York has a bay with 4 berms - think a room with a six foot wide doorway located in a corner.  When they were running USPSA, they used dual 180s, parallel to 2 of the four berms intersecting at 90 degrees.  That created a 270 degree area that was in play, and a 90 degree area within the pit that was DQ territory.  It wasn't hard to officiate a stage in that bay....

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I thought I would wait a while before responding:


When an individual goes to RO and CRO class(es) the instructor offers instruction/advice on how to be a RO/CRO.  It does not require a ruling from NROI to be valid or a transfer of knowledge.

There are way to many variations, scenarios, and/or situations for the NROI to publish a ruling.


IMO; they expect RO/CRO to use reasonable, good judgement.  On particularly weird or one off situations an opinion voice by Troy or a member of the NROI may suffice.

On repeated issues not covered may require an official ruling. 


I am just saying you can not legislate every situation.

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