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Slide Racker Weights


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I've searched, and found relative weights, i.e. "racker x is heavier than racker y" but I thought it might be useful to put together a reference for the weights of the common rackers used for Open. I have zero rackers right now, so I do not have anything to contribute yet, but I am trying to find something more reliable than shipping weights. If you have a racker and don't mind throwing it on a scale please post the make and weight here.






I am thinking about fabbing up a custom racker, but want to see what kind of weights are out there already. It seems counter-intuitive to spend $$$ hogging out a slide to cut down the weight, then jamming a big heavy racker in your reciprocating mass.

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Thank you for the information gentlemen!

I think I would prefer something like the zig racker or sidewinder over some of the hollowed, tubular style but was afraid there would be a weight penalty associated with the longer handle. They sound pretty light as is- it is easy enough to get another half oz out of the slide.

I may start with the sidewinder and remove some material- Eric, do you have any pictures of rackers you have lightened?

I got away without one on my 38, but now that I am likely building a 9 I want to make sure I have a racker installed :ph34r: I know my smith can build them right, but there is so much variety in 9 brass and I don't have a case pro.

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