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Takedown shotgun?


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After having shot this game for a long time, my rifle has gone from very long (FAL with long FH) to fairly short (16" AR) that breaks down to shorter.

My Shotguns, however, have just been getting longer, and longer, and longer. I have now had to resort to getting gun cases that have a little zippered condom to hold the extra inches (wow, that sounded awful).

This has made travel with Shotguns increasingly more difficult. Sure, you can pull the extension and barrel, but you are still left with the existing tube. On some shotguns, removing the tube seems fairly easy, but on others, not so much. Google "takedown shotgun" however, and you will see that, collectively, we have the technology to do this, and have had for many years. While I don't want a double barrel, or that 12 lb grooved receiver monstrosity for 3 gun, something that can be stored and transported shorter has to be possible.

So, my purpose in posting this thread is to explore the possibility and practicality of modifying an existing, 3 gun appropriate shotgun to be a "takedown" shotgun. The first requirement being that it not require any complicated tools or engineering degree to reassemble safely at the range. The second requirement be not to compromise the reliability or structural integrity of the gun. It still needs to survive being thrown into a dump barrel at full speed, etc.

So, first off, what shotguns would, by their existing design lend themselves to this type of conversion? Would a Benelli be easier than a Mossberg or a Stoeger? I can't be the first person to think of this, what are your thoughts?

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Great question! The dimensions of my car's trunk place definite constraints on my choice of shotgun. Like you, I have wondered if there were solutions, but I would add, eliminating the need to remove and replace magazine extensions, springs, and follower, when breaking the shotgun down.

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Remington Versamax with Carbon Arms one piece SS extension tube NOT loctite'd into the receiver would do it. too...

You would have to keep an eye on this during the match and probably tighten the mag tube between stages.

Takedown would be into:

Receiver + Stock


Mag tube+ Carbon Fiber sleeve+ nut+ spring+ follower



P.S. : a 22" Versa Tactical would break down into, oddly enough, about a 22" pkg. overall IF you coil up the mainspring.

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