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TECHWELL: Aluminium Inlaid Tape Grips


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Does anyone have experinece with these grips(http://techwearusa.com/product/grips-only-slotted-for-techwell-aluminium-inlaid-tape/)? I am considering purchasing a pair and one of their magwells. My main concern is the thickness. I have searched quite a bit but have not been able to find how thick these are. I personally like thin grips and the other grips I was considering is the Hogue aluminum 3/16th checkered grips. I personally like grip tape and feel like it gives me a better grip/friction than most checkering. Any input or alternatives would be greatly appreciated.

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m91196: Thanks alot! I think I'm going to go with them. I am currently using the Magpul 1911 grips but they are just too slippery for me. I tried a buddies checked grips and it still didn't give as good of a hold as grip tape. When I can afford a 2011 I am going to get one for limited, but thats a ways off. In the mean time if I can get used to the thicker style 1911 then it should be positive training towards both now.

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My grip measures 1.260 in the middle, sorry didn't want to take them off.

I think they are great but I also run a 2011.


Did they add any noticeable thickness to the gun? I have a Techwell Magwell and am looking for a little more girth.


It's a bit rounder feeling then a 1911 with regular wood grips but it's no fatter.

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