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Am I a newbie?


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I guess so. I've been surfing forums for years. Sometimes learning a lot even though I've been reloading for 35 plus years. Just getting tired of some of the troll sites where somebody always has a chip on their shoulder. Came upon this site and tried to register and it said my email is in use. Who would of known I signed up here in 2011 and then somehow lost my way? I've been on the likes of Glocktalk and AR15.com for years and I'm growing tired of a lot of what goes on there. Looks like a better bunch here so maybe I'll stay this time. My favorite go to caliber to shoot and reload is the 45, although I shoot a few other calibers. I like the wheel guns, the 44 and 357 and of course 22. I've got a bookmark this time so I don't lose my way....

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