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1050 Problem With 38 Super

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My Super 1050B works fine with 40 S&W, but I recently changed to 38 Super Comp. Now the case feeder won't keep up. I do have the white block in the feed chute. I have tried various levels of brass in the hopper (makes some difference, but not enough), but even if I give the press a head start I can easily deplete the case tube. I don't think the load rate is too fast -- about 100 in 4 1/2 minutes ie. nothing silly, no racing, and no bits missing from fingers. The feed rate is set to fast, and the feed disk clutch is not slipping.

Any bright ideas.?

PS: Does anyone know how to set the primer punch length on the toolhead correctly. I asked Dillon a few weeks back and never got a reply. I don't mean fiddle with it until correct -- I mean how to set it correctly. This is the only adjustment that the manual does not cover.....


Gavin Melville,


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Hmm.. mine doesn't have that problem. I usually use the 'slow' setting and the small pistol casefeed plate and it's fine until it jams. Which plate are you using?

Can't help you on the primer adjustment. I fiddle with it and try to leave it alone once set.

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Regarding the primer seating punch depth adjustment, there is no "right" adjustment. The setting varies with how loose your shellplate is, the brand of primers and brass being used. Adjust the punch down until primers are seated at least .002" below flush, .004" below flush is better.

Be sure the case feed disc is marked "S" for small, no washer under the plate. :ph34r:

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Be sure the case feed disc is marked "S" for small, no washer under the plate.  :ph34r:

It is a S (small pistol) case feed plate, and there is no washer.

The issue seems to be that the cases don't want to fall into the slots -- they prefer to lay

flat and fall away rather than drop into the slots. Cases that get in upside down do fall out, but very few drop in. Almost like they are not heavy enough...


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