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2011 Grip Swap Affecting Reliability?


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Just picked up my first 2011 the other day, used but in great shape.

The grip has been slightly reduced and textured on the side panels and mainspring housing, but not the front strap.

I haven't even shot the thing yet, but down the line I could possibly see myself wanting to opt for a further reduced grip and different texturing pattern overall. I'm not sure if the current texturing could be reduced further and retextured, but for the purposes of this exercise we'll say it can't and I would have to buy a new one to achieve the desired effect.

My question is: Assuming it runs 100%, if I were to replace my current grip, is it possible that slapping on a new one would affect the pistol's reliability or performance?

Does anybody have any experience with this?

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Do be careful if you attempt it yourself. There has been many grips ruined by home jobs. They are made everyday so buying a new grip is not a problem. If you replace your grip with one that has not been altered, you should not have any problems, as long as you get it on square.

Tommy Roupe

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