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  1. I received my check 2 days ago. Being new to USPSA major matches, is it normal to see cash prizes fall on the short side of your entry fee? In general, should I expect to have to win HOA just to break even? For reference, 1st M Limited was worth $100. Entry fee $130.
  2. I picked up the trophy at the awards ceremony following the match. I wrote Dan directly last Monday, the 28th, in regards to the check/cash prize and gave him my address. I still haven't received it yet but I'm keeping an eye out...
  3. I appreciate the input Tommy! I love those Roupe tiger stripes, definitely one of the options I've marked for future reference.
  4. Oh don't worry, I would definitely be outsourcing the reduction and texturing. I'm not that talented, or brave! Better to have it done right the first time...
  5. Thanks for the reply! I've heard of the possible flex causing problems, and potentially having to readjust a nice trigger job is all that came to mind for me as well, I just wanted to check and see if anybody knew of any potential issues.
  6. Just picked up my first 2011 the other day, used but in great shape. The grip has been slightly reduced and textured on the side panels and mainspring housing, but not the front strap. I haven't even shot the thing yet, but down the line I could possibly see myself wanting to opt for a further reduced grip and different texturing pattern overall. I'm not sure if the current texturing could be reduced further and retextured, but for the purposes of this exercise we'll say it can't and I would have to buy a new one to achieve the desired effect. My question is: Assuming it runs 100%, if I were to replace my current grip, is it possible that slapping on a new one would affect the pistol's reliability or performance? Does anybody have any experience with this?
  7. Pull the gun up, barney mag in, rack the +1 round into the chamber, press check, barney mag back to the empty mag pouch, pull full mag from front pocket, firm press to seat, tug on the mag, press check again, bump the magazine again for good measure, into the holster... Will keep the strong hand on the gun for a few seconds afterwards to build a last minute pre-draw muscle memory, same thing with the support hand on the first mag on my belt. Quick visualization of the stage, hands relaxed at sides.
  8. As somebody stated in another post above, K&M (now Core Shooting Solutions?) in Baker, FL broke onto the USPSA scene in May. As of right now the next match is scheduled for the 15th of August. The MD is looking to make it a monthly match, getting it locked down on the third Saturday would be great for the area.
  9. Nice pick going with the Trojan. At the moment my go-to 1911 is my Baer Premier II, but I have recently fallen in love with my buddy's STI. I'm planning on picking one up soon and making it my dedicated "gamer" CDP/SS piece.
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