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Why do people belch and blow?

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Ok, not sure what goes on in the Misc. category but this is something I wonder about sometimes when one of my coworkers who's usually offsite comes in to the office. I thought maybe the discussion would be smile inducing.

Why do people (you don't have to admit if it is you) belch and then blow, as in forcefully exhale? I have a coworker who's hygiene is less than stellar and in addition to picking his ears, farting, not washing hands after restroom etc. he also is known for his belch and blow (I've fortunately not shared an office or cubicle with him, all the staff that have this is one of their biggest issues with him). Of course nobody has broached the subject with him, not sure how to, so I'm asking you guys; why?

I've burped/belched, many times of course. who doesn't. I think maybe he has a medical condition that causes it to be more frequent? I never have done so and then "woosh" exhaled.

does anybody not find this gross? maybe we are all oversensitive to it, the staff that have sat close to him swear it's always smelly and think that this is a contributing factor.

we were in an all staff meeting once when he actually picked his ear and then stuck it in his mouth, my friend was sitting almost right across from him and I was watching whole thing from about 15' away, her eyes were so big I thought they'd pop. she told me later it was all she could do not to gag. :D


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