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Need help with benefit match sponsor questions

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A little background.... I am a local LEO and love shooting 3 gun. One of our younger Deputy (mid 30's) was recently diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. He is undergoing chemo, radiation AND surgery. We have great insurance, but he said he will have a mountain of bills coming in when it's all said and done.

Being a 3 gunner I thought.... Let's hold a benefit match. And we're off.

So. I gathered the other instructors and some LEO wives to help and we have a date, rules and stages. We started contacting some major companies to sponsor the event and we were asked about tiers(?) of sponsorship?? So can someone explain the tier concept to me and what do I need to do to get more sponsors to donate items?

The idea being 100 % of entry fees and money raised goes to our brother in need.

Basically this is my first time as a match director and I need help.

Thank you in advance.


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All kinds of ways to sell sponsorship - title match sponsor, stage sponsor, division sponsor, specific expense sponsors (shirt, lunch, targets etc.). Be creative. Sponsors want to know what they will get out of it - make sure they gat marketing value for their sponsorship dollar.

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My suggestion would be to contact some of your OR based companies.

Two spring to mind - Leupold and Warne Scope Mounts.

As has already been mentioned, you should have an Overall match Sponsor (aka Title Sponsor), followed by a Sponsor for each stage. You can have 2-4 sponsors per stage.

You can also do Equipment Division sponsors.

It would go something like this, in order of highest to lowest contribution;

Title Sponsor ($1,000 to $1,500)

Division Sponsor ($750)

Stage Sponsor ($500)

Match Contributor ($200)

Since you are doing a benefit match, I would recommend a lot of swag from the companies (hats, shirts, pens, etc) so that each competitor gets something. Then a small number of random draw prizes of up to ~$200 in value (trigger groups, stock kits, etc).

Your Title Sponsor could also donate an item that you use as a raffle, to raise more dollars for the cause. Something like a $750-1,000 scope or complete rifle or pistol.

You plug the sponsors on Facebook, at the local ranges, the police stations, etc. and mention the cool stuff they donated.

Sell the raffle tickets everywhere you can, then have a table on the range during the day of the match to sell more tickets.

Also have a local restaurant provide food for sale, with all proceeds going to the officer. Plug them as well.

Run 4 stages, with a total of 8 squads. One squad on, one squad off format.

Have a small side match with a $5 fee where people can win some other prizes (top 3 with one or two random draw).

Point out that all match fees, raffle money, lunch money, etc. goes to help the officer pay his medical bills.


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Good for you Gordon. I've got a Starline Brass $50.00 gift certificate that I picked up at a prize table. It's not much, but it was my first match and I didn't finish very high. :lol: PM me your address and I'll send it along with prayers. The certificate is for your prize table. The prayers are for your Deputy and his family.

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I'm thinking of doing something similar to benefit a fallen soldier's scholarship fund for Eagle Scouts. Please keep us updated on how setting up the match is going and anything you have learned from the process.


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