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Bayou 175 LSWC load data?


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I have been shooting .45 coated LSWC,s and just loaded and shot some 9mm 125g coated LSWC's with VV N320 and was very impressed.

I'm going to start loading .40 and see that Bayou has 175g LSWC's available, but after searching, i found little on load data for them, and even less with N320. The issue I see with using 180g RNFP data is that SWC's usually take up more case volume.

Does anybody out there load these with N320 in the range of major PF that would share some data?

I have Red Dot as well, but it doesn't meter as well as the N320.

The LSWC's may not be of much use since .40 already cuts a nice round hole in paper, just a bit smaller, but I thought they looked interesting and would like to try them!


Edit: I guess I should add that I do not yet have a Chrono or I'd just noodle it out on my own!

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If you start at the starting load for 180gn lead bullets, you'll have no problems. I have fired about 10,000 175gn L-SWCs in .40. They are quite accurate--not quite as good as 155gn L-SWCs in my guns, but very good.

In my .40s, I load them to 1.230".

I have no data for N320 and 175gn lead bullets, as the manuals I have go to slower powders. Data for 180gn Lead bullets shows 3.2gn of N320 for 133 PF and 4.4gn as being an accurate load for a 169-174 PF.

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Thank You!

I haven't bought bullets yet, so I may also look at the 155g LSWC's.

I have found data for the 175's using N340, but I already have N320, so I was trying to find something for that first.

I Googled around for some N340 this morning, but have not seen any available right now.

A Chronograph is high on the list, but I have not found anywhere to use it yet.

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I use them at 1.200 OAL

I shoot them with Clays, Clay Dot and WST and used 180 lead in the books as a starting point

Haven't had any over pressure signs with the 175 SWC at all

Get to a Chrono somebody at your club has one

Most guys will let you use it (if they shoot the gun LOL or be ready to buy them a new one if you shoot it!!!)

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