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Moving to a different type of shooting competition


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1st Post!!

Hmmm, where to start? I guess where I'm at now. That would be 29 Palms, Ca. I'm on the last few years of my Marine Corps career and it's time to get back into shooting for points now that we're no longer supposed to shoot people. I shot a few IDPA matches (2 is a few, right?) back before I enlisted many years ago but since then I've been just shooting with friends or using govt ammo. My current toy is a Glock 35 I've had for 10 years or so so I'm looking to shoot production with some minor loads. I'm on my 2nd SDB press and have run many rounds through both so I'm not too worried about ammo. (No, I didn't wear one out, although that would be an accomplishment). I'm planning on getting out to LDF at Pala to do some matches once I return from this deployment in a few weeks. I hope to meet some good people there and get my girlfriend into shooting with me!

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Welcome aboard, brother Jar!

I met my wife when I was teaching a Firearms Safety in the Home class so she needed little convincing to shoot alongside me. Shooters are great folks so be prepared to drown in help and advice.



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Thanks to all! Ive been reading a lot on here and have decided to upgrade my equipment. First purchase: Bought a copy of Practical Pistol by Ben Stoeger. Lots of good information and I'm only halfway through. Reminds me of Jeff Coopers Art of the Rifle for pistols...

Next up is ordering more bullets and doing much needed maintenance on my square deal B!

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