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I read today that the average new shooter is 33 years old, and 67% of the time, male. So, I suppose in that case, I'm a fairly typical new shooter. I was unfortunate enough to really get into firearms during the Great Gun Craze of 2013, of which I'm sure I'll share stories with my grandkids of how the pricing were as high as the eye could see. Not counting the Browning 12ga autoloader I bought ten years ago, my first handgun was an HK P30 .40S&W, and I've been quite busy branching out from there in the handgun, subgun, and occasional long gun categories.

Fast forward to today; I've met up with some local USPSA clubs in the last three months (haven't really made a connection with any IDPA shooters as of yet), and have several weeknight and a weekend competition or two under my belt. I usually fall middle of the pack, but considering my relative newness, I've been pretty thrilled when occasionally placing in the upper quartile of the combined results. Mostly luck at this point, but I'm hoping to convert that luck into skill. I am extremely fortunate that I've stumbled into several local resources that have competed and won on national stages, and can gain from their experience and expert tutelage as I advance my own shooting abilities.

With some assistance, I've got my Dillion XL650 setup last week, and have been cranking through the rounds. I agree with some here that say that reloading is sometime just as fun (or more appropriately, therapeutic) as shooting itself. Set up in 9mm now, but will likely branch out to .40 and (ugh) 5.56 in the near future.

Looking forward to spending some time here, reading up, and getting a whole new perspective on all things shooting. Thanks all for reading!

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Hi! I'm from KC too and am wanting to get into uspsa production shooting. I have quite a decent background in shooting but am now slowly getting into action shooting. Where and what are you shooting?!

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