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Getting basic gunsmithing training


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Now that I'm a hard core competitive shooter, I would like to be able to do routine repairs and upgrades on my 1911 and AR-15 without having to go to the gunsmith.

There is only one tech school in MN that teaches gunsmithing and its too far away from me. I dont trust the "learn at home" video tapes since I want hands on training. Any ideas out there?

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Move to Wyoming and mooch off of Bonedaddy. That's what I do. B)

Also read Patrick Sweeney's book(s). For hands on you can find a talented local hobby or pro gunsmith and ask for some instruction on small things like a trigger job. Otherwise it's gunsmithing school.

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Usually about Jan. , I take in 3 customers that has placed an order for a gun & want's to come to the shop & help build their own gun so that they understand everything that goes on with it. It cost a little more but you will leave w/ a understanding of the gun. It is a week course. Call for more info.

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Truegent, be patient and realize that you are probably going to ruin some parts. Like JD's pappy always said, " education is expensive". #1 priority is safety. Followed closely by reliablity. Start by buying Khunhausens manuals on the .45. They are very thorough and some even find them difficult to understand. Pat Sweeney is very near publishing a manual on the AR-15, it should be killer!

The two guns you have chosen are the "small block Chevys" of gun racing. There is a wealth of information and a plethora of parts. I'm not a professional gunsmith and don't care to be. I just really enjoy the challenge and independence of building my own blasters. Good luck on your journey.

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On gun smithing ,

remember that the laws of phisics apply

1) messure twice cut once

2) one you cut you cant put it back.

3 ) for every action there is an equal and oppiset reaction

4) create a space for all the scraped parts you create on your quest.

5) its probable cheaper in the long run to buy a good gun than to create one.

Benny Can I come and Help out . Got mill will travel


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