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  1. I drove half way across the state today but it was worth it....I'm in the club. Now its time to buy accessories........
  2. Thanks for posting your VR80 videos. I plan to be getting one soon. Where did you get the belt clips for the HI-cap mags?


    I'm an aging open class 3 gunner, do you think buying the comp is worth it? How much gas comes out the top port (Obstruct your target view)?



    The AT website doesnt post its price since they are currently sold out.

  3. Ok now that I've read all 13 pages of posts....I'm looking for a nice cheap way to shoot open in 3 gun. I have the proper AR and pistol already. My experience has taught me there are 2 kinds of open shotguns....ones that run and ones that don't. The VR80 runs great some videos and not so great in others. If I were to shoot this gun in a high round count match, how many jams/feeding issues/misfires/etc (If any) should I expect during the match assuming the gun was cleaned/oiled at the beginning?
  4. I see there is also a PCC/2 gun match the week before. Do you know if all of the rifle shots at that match are "PCC Friendly" or do the AR's have their own long range targets?
  5. Now that silencers are legal in my state I'm thinking of getting one for my 308 AR10. I use the gun for beginning/budget PRS and hunting. I've looked on websites as is always the case there is a wide range of price. I want a good one but I hate the thought of paying a grand or more (Must include the $200 tax stamp) for what seems to be a "glorified pipe". Suggestions?
  6. Thank you to Jomar, Jay, Chris, RO's, the FLSC gang, and all of the other volunteers and generous sponsors that made this year's match happen, and for bringing a major multigun back to Minnesota! I've pretty much given up on flying to multigun matches due to the equipment hassles so it was nice to be close to home and shoot a major match. Maybe Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas can follow suit...hint hint......
  7. Fun Match! Just got home late last night (Airline put gun case on wrong flight; had to wait 3 extra hours). Thanks to all the match administrators and RO's! The stages were fun and a nice mix. Please put the #$^%$#^ bridge on a hoser stage next year Squad 5 was a real good group, everybody got along and worked hard on reset. I know they don't schedule this match on a fixed weekend but I hope next year it can be back on Presidents Day weekend. Its much easier for work.
  8. Really sucks. I'm going to lose $200 from Delta for changing my airline ticket to a different destination. I dont know it its too late to get into Blue Ridge. Maybe just as well I stay home that weekend. What a bummer.
  9. Please help! I've signed up for the match and I need an estimate for what time things will wrap up on Sunday so I can book my flight out. My work needs to know if I will be there on Monday and flights aren't getting any cheaper. I've emailed and Facebook posted and still haven't heard anything
  10. I think it will be fine. Considering it's a first annual match and its competing against Blue Ridge, the early numbers look good. I'm in and paid for.
  11. I'll see Charles this weekend and provide an update ASAP. Whats the word from Charles?
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