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Anyone know a brick layer...


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Having spent all day laying block with my dad (35 years a bricklayer) I can feel sore and say, "no, i dont know any bricklayers". However, the picture is fieldstone and limestone. Much like the fieldstone fireplace we put in my parents house, double sided and 14ft tall by 6ft deep and 12ft wide. Anyone who has ever tried to lay fieldstone in a configuration such as that mailbox would respect the effort required.

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One of my Filipino pals, Mr. Mawe Chaves, who lives in a place called Cagayan De Oro in the Philippines, has lived and breathed IPSC for years, but he's not doing so well these days, due to his advanced years and failing health.

Anyway, a few years back, he already prepared his grave. The headstone is an IPSC Metric Target, and it has an IPSC Metric Popper in stone on either side. The inscription on the headstone reads:

Born: (whatever)

DQ'd: (_____________)

I'll try and get a photo and post it here.

Mawe became an absolute legend at WSXI in Brazil in 1996, but I can't go into details here, because it's family forum, but one of these days over a few beers, I'll tell you guys the hilarious details.

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I actually know the guy who built this. It is located of hwy 304 in Bastrop Tx. He (the builder) has a retaining wall at his house that looks like a long rattlesnake (maybe I can get a picture). He is a dozer operator, not a stonemason and did this as a favor for the owner.


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